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Archive for November 18th, 2006

Baby Pictures!

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Kristi’s husband, Noel, has posted baby photos. Gerrit Nikolaas and Austin Noel are both 4 pounds and breathing on their own, just wonderful news. You might want to go and peek.

Knitting and Planning

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

novemberclouds.jpgDiana and I had a fine day Friday. We are close to finalizing the wrap pattern and we worked on some challenging bits for some other patterns I have in the wings for someday. We ate good food, I pet the kitty, we laughed.

Saturday noonish I taught a class for a few hours. Now I need to run to the PO, and will drop off a sample wrap at Rae’s.

I’m planning on dinner at Altu’s restaurant so that I can hear (Jen Sygit and Laura Bates as the act Calamity Jane) play/sing for a while, then I will go see Altu’s daughter act in M*A*S*H at East Lansing High School.

After the play I’m planning to stuff two crockpots full of soup for overnight cooking, and tomorrow I’ll be handpainting sweaters for the Art for the Soul sale that will be December 2 in Williamston.

It is really gray here today but not raining or snowing, and not horribly cold. (Photo here is yesterday’s sky showing a little blue, today is not that nice.) I’m happy to be wearing a virtual rainbow today. People comment on my colors all the time. I can’t help but wonder why Lansing people don’t wear color more if they seem to like it so much?

Busy, busy…