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Archive for November 19th, 2006

Quiet. Ahhh…

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Social Saturday Night

Saturday night I went to dinner at Altu’s restaurant (she was not there but I enjoyed listening to Jen Sygit and chatting with Phil Wintermute while eating dinner with Brian). After dinner I went to East Lansing High School to see Altu’s daughter in the play M*A*S*H.

I had planned to see the show sometime this weekend but did not know when I’d go. Imagine my surprise when Altu’s other daughter saw me and asked where her mother was. I didn’t know Altu was there. She had been holding a seat for her daughter but I got to move up and sit with her (daughter sat with a friend, I think we all enjoyed the end result).

We enjoyed the play and then we decided to go out for tea. Beaners is our closest hangout. However, it was packed… standing room only. We moved on to the Gone Wired Cybercafe where we could sit down and not feel rushed. We enjoyed our talk, as we had not been able to meet for our usual lunch this Thursday. What a delight it was to have time with her!

Lazy Sunday

Sunday I slept later than usual. My one scheduled class had cancelled. I was gifted with a full day at home! I love days at home, they are such a luxury. I don’t exactly snuggle down on the couch in a bathrobe but I wear sloppy clothes for working in, comfort over style, and it’s a nice break.

For breakfast I attempted to make a Boston Brown Bread (it’s “baked” with steam on the stove for 2 hours) which did not fully cook, probably because of a substitution I made. It smelled good, anyway! I then made some shrimp in tomato sauce over pasta, which was wonderful. Lunch for breakfast, sort of, but very satisfying.

Brian ran out and bought some great groceries and started some chicken with turnips and collard greens in the crockpot. It smells good. I did some tidying up in the kitchen before he got home and then switched gears.

Handpainting Garments

I’m in the Art for the Soul home art and gift sale on December 2. Since it’s an art sale rather than a fiber sale, I figure that some folks won’t be interested in handpainted yarn there. I am, therefore, handpainting some socks (some wool, some angora blend) and some sweaters. The socks are brand new, the sweaters are great finds I have harvested from various resale shops… two cashmere sweaters and a few angora blends, one silk blend, and a boiled wool jacket for starters. If I have time I will make polymer clay buttons for the sweaters which use buttons.
I’m not sure how much I will finish dyeing this week but I will plug away. The socks are pre-soaking right now, I’m sure those will be done today. Sweaters take as long as they take, they always surprise me how much labor they involve. (Dye wants to bleed through to other parts of the sweater as I work, there is a lot of effort involved keeping colors where I want them.)

We will see how far I get on the garments today. I will plan to take the socks to my guild sale on Tuesday, the sweaters may not be ready until the Dec. 2 sale (which makes sense anyway, since knitters are more likely to want yarn than a dye-painted sweater).

Live Music

Brian is experimenting with recording some ukulele music today on my little camera which does simple video functions. It’s nice to hear him make music in the background as I work.


I *so* enjoy days where I don’t have to dress up and be in public. Sometimes it’s good just to stay home. I looked out once and it was snowing… big flakes falling straight down. The temperature is higher than freezing so that is not really turning into anything substantial, but it makes staying home even nicer.

And tonight, when the dyed items I’ve made today are steaming, I promised myself I can curl up on the heat vent like a cat. It’s my favorite place in the house and I don’t do that nearly often enough!