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Archive for November 21st, 2006

Thanks. Busy, good day.

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Long Night, Lots of Goodies

I stayed up until 3am dyeing more socks Monday night. I got up early, made breakfast, packed a lunch and put dinner in the crockpot (yup, that’s three meals in an hour or so). Went to Rae’s to help out, though she was there for most of the time so I got to do some knitting on a new sock.

At the end of the day Sue R. and Suzanne came in. They got first dibs on the socks I’d dyed (thanks, ladies, for your continuing enthusiasm… you are true friends and I thrive on your support). Then I went home to pack the car for the guild sale.


I was very happy to find a fully-cooked dinner in the crockpot when I got home, so I had dinner (well, I stood up at the counter in between doing other tasks but I ate good food) and packed the car. I got set up at the meeting just in time for the group to find its way to my table.

A Great Sale

Again, thanks to every one of you at the guild who supported me by your words and your purchases. Every little thing matters and I’m very grateful. It was a successful sale for me and worth the couple of 3am nights getting ready!

A True Friend

The traffic in East Lansing and on Lansing’s east side was really challenging because MSU was having a game. I did pop by Altu’s restaurant where she had a large crockpot waiting for me in her car, to borrow for Thanksgiving cooking. I’d say you know you’ve got a real friend when she loans you her huge crockpot without you even asking!

After that little stop, I had planned to go to the post office (where a package from Diana, things she’s knit for me that need felting, is waiting) but I was not eager to sit in backed-up traffic. I proceeded home. I’ll have to felt the bits on Wednesday night instead.

Planning for Tomorrow

Wednesday is busy but early in the day only. I have a private class at 11, then a fairisle sock class at Rae’s at 12:30, then nothing. Well, I’ll go to that post office after all!

Thanksgiving Weekend/Cooking Plans

Thursday I’m planning to cook a whole duck for us on Thanksgiving. (Sorry to the vegetarians tuning in, I really wish we could have Altu’s lima beans but for the first time in years I can’t eat her absolutely exquisite food for Thanksgiving.)

I’m really hoping this duck plan is not a mistake. After all, I am the one who swore she’d never cook a turkey, ever. Well, these days I do cook *pieces* of turkey. I’ve never successfully cooked duck, pieces or whole… well, I tried one once when I was maybe 22 yrs old and it was a disaster I’d rather not remember. Disaster in a fire-danger sense. Bad.

I’m an adult now, though. Do you think I can do this? It’s like a huge cornish hen, right? With more fat? (A lot more fat? That’s what went wrong 25 yrs ago.)

It looks like I have Saturday free. Thursday the two of us will be thankful at home together (the way I like it), Friday we’ll be thankful with Brian’s family (read: lots of people who get along well, including a handful of kids) for part of the day.

Possible Creative Adventures

Saturday I’ll be thankful alone at home. Hopefully with a knitting machine! Altu’s restaurant will be open Saturday so I’ll go visit her at some point but other than that I want to do a big focus day and knit something, anything on that knit machine. I’m dreaming of wool longjohns or leggings, but I have yarn for several sweaters and it would be cool to whip up something simple with that, perhaps.

Or I’ll handpaint sweaters. If I feel like that. If I do that, I’ll have more cool stuff to sell at the Art for the Soul. This would be good. After all, I have a pile of sweaters (several are cashmere) ready to recycle as handpainted artworks, and they are getting impatient at waiting so long for the new look.

There will be even more creative fun on Sunday, as I’m finally planning to go spend time with my friend Susan Luks at her home/studio. Tea and talk. I am very much looking forward to this. It has been far too long in the works.

Relaxing… just for me… right now

OK, I just drew a really hot, really full bathtub to almost overflowing. I think tonight it’s an epsom salts night! My feet are clear that I’ve spent two long nights on a bare, cold cement floor. I’m going to soak all my troubles away…

…and dream of knitting.I guess I’m doing Thanksgiving a few days early. I’m really feeling grateful for the good sale today. Thanks again to everyone who has supported me with kind words and/or purchases of my artful offerings. It’s always a challenge to “be an artist” as one’s job. Days like this make me know I’m still on the right path.

Photos? Go see Diana…

I have photos taken of various things, but they are still on the camera and my bath is calling. Photos tomorrow night, I guess… If you are wishing for photos right now, go visit Diana’s Otterwise blog. Pretty stuff!