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Archive for December 3rd, 2006

The Incredible CityKidz!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

citykidz113006hugescarf10.jpgI work one hour on Wednesday and one hour on Thursday teaching knitting at Foster Community Center to children (ages 7 through 17, usually third- to sixth -graders come most often). On Thursday I also watch a computer lab for 2 hours so when I’m lucky, the knitting kids stay a while longer at the table in the computer lab, and we really get things done.

The three kids pictured here today I’ve known longer than just this fall term. One of the kids I think I’ve had a year and a half, the other about a year, and the middle girl did a little in a summer session and then returned this fall. They are great people as well as good knitters. I like their company as much as I am proud of their knitting accomplishments.

The girl at left (wearing a santa hat, I didn’t ask why) is wearing a very big, very thick/warm scarf that she has been working on since summer. It is to be a gift for a very special adult in her life. She did a really good job on this scarf. She had to join yarns a lot, and I only found a few places where I could make the ends hide better. Her knitting is very even, her gauge is much more steady than mine. She is rightfully proud of this accomplishment!

My life is rich, my friends. These and other kids who join me for the CityKidz Knit! program make me so happy! We have a bit of a “Mutual Admiration Society” going on and I’m grateful for that.

Julie’s Fairisle-Type Sock Leg

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Julie and Sophia are taking a Fairisle (stranded) sock knitting class from me right now. Due to scheduling issues the class sometimes has two people and sometimes one, but they are both progressing well.

Julie and I met on Wednesday and she had this to show me:


Wowie. I seem to attract people to my life who love color as much as I do. Honestly, the sock is brighter in person than it is on my screen. The multicolor is Socks That Rock heavyweight (worsted). I think she chose a good contrast purple (I don’t remember the yarn name). You really can see all the patterns in there.

Good, job, Julie!