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Archive for December 5th, 2006

Haslett Needle Nuts Tonight

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm I’m doing a presentation at the Haslett Public Library for the Needle Nuts group. I’m very excited about this, they did incredibly good publicity for it and it seems everywhere I go, even 40 minutes west of Haslett, they are talking about this event.

It’s a regular knit in, sponsored by the Library (Diane B. is the contact person in Haslett) and anyone is welcome. I’d love to see familiar faces, though I know I already will.

I will be showing some of my incredible ethnic knitted pieces (four socks from Turkey, one embroidered Turkoman hat I think is from Algeria, and four Andean hats (perhaps Peruvian) which are knit so tightly that I’ve been told they were woven, the fabric just does not look like what we think of as knitting.

After that “show and tell” I will be talking about combining yarns. We will first talk about color and then texture. I am bringing all sorts of yarns and extra needles so folks can try to combine yarns themselves if they choose.

I hope to see some of you there.


Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

We know some folks who work at the MSU Student Organic Farm. It is an extraordinary place, where they literally grow produce all year round.

Imagine my happiness to find that when I was surfing about organic produce (it started with a link from a knitting blog), I found myself (on the internet) at Michigan State and the farm that is physically close to the Post Office where my PO Box is located.

They have an online listing of recipes (they call it a database but it’s in order by the title of recipe) which use produce, some types of veggies that many of us did not grow up using. For example, there is a “salsa verde” that calls for tomatillos (yum, we ate a version of this in Mexico City in 2001 and I still adore the flavor).

If you go to the page linked above, you can either look at the list of recipe titles and link down to the recipe, or you can do an Edit/Find (or CTRL-F) while you are surfing, type in the word you want (tomatillo, or chard, for example) and when you hit enter, you will find the first instance of that word in the page.

For the record, if you print in a normal way, you’ll be printing out the entire page and all of the recipes. That could take a long time and waste paper and ink on recipes you will not make. However…

If you drag your mouse over the recipe you want, it will “highlight” (select) the text you dragged over. If then you go to File/Print from the menu and chose “Selection” instead of “all” in the “print range” area of the print box, it will print only the text which has been highlighted.

So you just got a post not only about great recipes from my local friends, but with a few geeky use-the-computer-better hints. I hope you enjoyed that!