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Archive for December 6th, 2006

Haslett Was Wonderful!

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

needlenuts1.jpgI have to send out a big thank you to Diane and all the knitters who came to hear me speak at the Haslett Public Library Needle Nuts program last night. We had a wonderful group, several people I knew (a good handful from my adult computer classes, also taught in Haslett just around the corner), and a good time.

I started by showing several ethnic textiles I own and which are so special that they need to be honored by being shared with those who understand. Four Andean hats, four Turkish socks, one embroidered/handsewn child’s hat from the Turkoman ethnic group (this one I am told was purchased in Afghanistan).

It is very cool to see how just showing a beautiful sock might bring up a conversation about how we all knit so differently. For example, one of the socks is knit with “twisted stitches” which probably means they knit in the round by wrapping the yarn clockwise around the needle rather than counter-clockwise which is more common in the western world.

I then turned to combining yarns. It was a talk, not a class, so I had more “show and tell” skeins of yarn and I assembled different combinations of yarns to make my point. We needlenuts2.jpgtalked color schemes and we talked yarn structure and fiber content, and stitch pattern selection, needle size, as much as I could possibly say to help them do what I do, in the time allotted. I finished my handouts just as the clock hit 9pm.

They listened, asked questions, knit and crocheted while I talked, and clapped when I was done. I allowed myself to feel a tiny bit like Stepanie Pearl McPhee (Yarn Harlot) who does all these talks in libraries and yarn shops all over North America. I’m not funny the way Stephanie is, and she deserves the loyalty of those who go to hear her (myself included) by being her own authentic self in the midst of hordes of fans.

In my case I am typically funny when I’m not trying! I do think I can be interesting even when I’m not funny… and I know some things others don’t know but are interested in hearing. Color is such a lifetime study for me, and we’re all interested in it in some way whether it’smuch of our life or just part of it.

And I am one of the few humans who adore public speaking. I just don’t get scared any more. This in spite of the statistic that most folks are more afraid of public speaking than of dying. It’s an amazing statistic that fortunately does not apply to me in the least. I’m a ham, I love to be at the front of a group, and fortunately I have found ways to do this where the group is glad I’m there.

I’m happy that they are thinking they would like to have me come back again. What an honor. I will look forward to that!

Photos were taken after some people had already left. I was so distracted by all the things I wanted to share with them, that I forgot the camera until I saw people leaving. Phoey! But here you are… I think 5 of these women have taken my computer classes, one I know from church, several found that we have friends in common as I shared. We all had yarn in common! Thank you again for the invitation!