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Archive for December 8th, 2006

My CityKidz Amaze Me!

Friday, December 8th, 2006

citykidz120606scarfwithfringe.jpgThe CityKidz Knit! program continues to amaze me. The kids push me much further than I imagined they could. Let me show you some examples…

First is my student from last week. She learned how to make fringe this weekend and brought back a fringed-and-ready scarf for photos.

Next is a plate of cookies brought in for us by Betsy (she of the lace bookmark from last December). They were so beautiful and appetizing, that we ate half of them before I realized I should maybe photograph them for you all to see. Notice how many colors of frosting/trim there are on some of these cookies! Betsy said they were a group effort at her house, all family members had a chance to decorate them. Betsy was working on a knitted teddy bear for a family holiday gift, and I wish I had taken time to photograph that as well. It was very busy and I got distracted, because…

.citykidz120606betsyscookies.jpg..on both Wednesday and Thursday we dyed yarn with Kool-Aid and other brands of drink mix (thanks to Diana for donating some shrinkable white wool for the occasion). On Wednesday I had enough kids that it was hard to just get the yarn dyed and the kids out the door… in fact we took a full hour and a half to vacate the room when we officially have one hour for the program.

The first day we dyed with bright red (punch) and dark red (black cherry). The second day we dyed with pink lemonade and orange. I forgot to take photos until I had one student left on Thursday so she is showing off both days’ worth of yarn (that is, whacitykidz120706koolaidyarn.jpgt is left after kids took home their own mini-skeins). Both days I had more dye than I had wool to absorb it, so I added skeins of white yarn after I dyed the mini-skeins for the kids. The lighter skeins went into the dyepot last. They all look nice together, don’t they?

The last photo is the most amazing, however. This is the child who knit a pair of footies on double-pointed needles last year, in 4th grade. This year she is in 5th grade and I thought she was asking me if she could make wristwarmers/handwarmers (a tube with a hole for the thumb). She got started and then before I knew it, I realized she was absolutely determined to make real gloves, with five full fingers on each hand.

citykidz120706glove2fingerssm.jpgSo here she is. Showing off the first two fingers she made. The yarn is bulky Encore donated (again) by Diana. This child has wanted black yarn for just about forever and I usually don’t give youngsters black yarn because they can not see the stitches clearly. She is delighted that she is knitting with black, and she is delighted to be knitting gloves. She has a thumb and two fingers left to knit on this one, and she only cast on for it maybe a week or two ago. She would have proceeded much further if she could have met with me sooner, but I’m only at Foster Center twice a week.

And that, my friends, is what kids can do when you don’t allow yourself to limit them. Ordinary kids can do extra-ordinary work if you let them do what they can picture in their minds.