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Archive for December 9th, 2006

Handpainted Socks Now in my Shop!

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

sockimpatiensflowers.jpgI did it. I have 19 pair of handpainted (tie dyed) angora-blend and merino-blend, machine-washable Color-Tiger socks in my shop.

Yes, I know you can’t get to the shop from my main page yet. I spent the last week moving all my websites from four locations to one and getting my new calendar and shopping cart up and running. That means right now, only my blog readers know where to find the socks. That is a head start for you guys if you want them.

socklynndytiger.jpgRemember, each of these socks is one of a kind. It’s not like yarn where I might dye 8 skeins in the same colorway. So if one looks like it’s “yours” I’d jump on it. Of course, I’d love to sell them all (a girl has to make a living), but it doesn’t matter to me who gets which one…

Here’s how the shopping cart works. You go to the site: http://ColorJoy.com/shop

On the top right are too-small links (I can not control their size at first try) showing the categories of merchandise on my site. If you want socks, you click Hand-Dyed Clothing. Then you are on the page where you scroll and see the whole listing of (right now) nineteen pairs of socks.

socksalmonlilac.jpgIn order to buy, you have to log in but I don’t share your information with anyone. It’s just so I can contact you and get address information for shipping. Paypal processes my payments, even credit cards, but it does not share your financial information with me at all. You do not need a Paypal account to buy.

I ship patterns via First Class US mail. I ship yarn and socks via Priority Mail in the USA. I charge $1 per order for shipping no matter what you buy. That is, if you are in the USA. I do ship to Canada, Mexico and most of Europe, but of course we would need to work out shipping before I sent the package. If you pay me with a Paypal transfer from your bank account I wait for the transfer to clear. I do take checks and money orders as well, and the shopping cart will walk you through that.

I hope that at $19.50 for socks you do not have to knit yourself, this will be the perfect holiday gift. For yourself? For a friend? Let’s hope it works out well for you *and* for me. I love win-win situations when I can find them.

Fascinating Person

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

Diana finds the most incredible people online. Have you heard of Deborah Henson-Conant? Her domain is hipharp.com so you can at least start stretching to imagine the music, but check out the costumes!

Thanks for the link, Diana!

Poetry by Kids

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

I have been thinking about the poetry reading I went to yesterday. There is a wonderful book, now out of print but still available at times on the used market. It’s called “ Miracles, Poems by children of the English-speaking world,” collected by Richard Lewis, Simon and Schuster, 1966.

I love this book. I found it on tape once, too, and I don’t listen to that enough.

What strikes me most is that not only were the children able to put together wonderful words to express an idea, but there was an adult there, listening and ready to put the words down on paper for them. One of my favorites, for example, was written by a child only 4 years old:

©1966 by Adrian Keith Smith
Age 4
New Zealand

The rain screws up its face

and falls to bits.

Then it makes itself again.

Only the rain can make itself again.

I love these so much that I collected seven of the poems that stood out in my mind, and placed them on the website I made at least 5 years ago, which I call my LDTH Poetry Collection.

This one is even more fun, because I got an email a year or two ago from the person who wrote it. He’s now a grownup himself!

©1968 by Marc Duskin
Age 10
United States

Grownups are silly,
They never drink coffee
When it’s served
To them.
They just talk
And never drink it
Until it’s cold.
Isn’t that silly?

I haven’t grown
Since I was five
I haven’t grown at all…
Grownups are just getting shorter.

And we can not end this post without the poem I chose about a cat. After all, yesterday’s event was full of poems about animals. This one is best read out loud, slowly and with feeling:

A Cat
©1964 by John Gittings
Age 8

Silently licking his gold-white paw,
Oh gorgeous Celestino, for
God made lovely things, yet
Our lovely cat surpasses them all;
The gold, the iron, the waterfall,
The nut, the peach, apple, granite
Are lovely things to look at, yet,
Our lovely cat surpasses them all.

There are more on my poetry page if you are interested. Or just go find yourself a book. My students tell me they like buying used books at ABE Books online, and Amazon.com and eBay also have used books listed regularly. Or if you are lucky, you may have a used book store in your town where you can get assistance finding it. Or not, your choice.

I hope you enjoy these lovely words today, book or no. It’s sunny again in Lansing at least for the morning and I am fully enjoying that!

How does a day off go, again?

Saturday, December 9th, 2006


I crack myself right up. I say I will take a day off. I do wear my warmest sweater which is gray (definitely day-off material, my friends and colleagues complain when I’m not my typical colorful self). And then I proceed to not really stop working too much.

Poetry (by Children) at Magdalena’s

For the record, I did stay home all but one hour Friday. I went out to Magdalena’s Teahouse at the invitation of one of my CityKidz. She had a poetry reading with her class, each child recited one poem. There were many berets sported by the children, and my grrrl wore some very cool John-Lennon round wire-rimmed glasses with her black beret, looking oh-so-artful. Cute as a button, sharp as a tack!

I thought I had my camera in my purse, but I’d taken it out to download the pictures from CityKidz this week and so I missed the photo op of the day. Pooh. Trust me, she looked a million bucks.

A poetry reading by children is a fascinating experience. There were many excellent poems. They obviously talked in school about different things that might be part of a poem besides rhyming. One girl did a poem about pink, wearing a pink cape, top and pants. She talked about how pink smells like strawberries, tastes like raspberries, feels like, looks like… very good.

I must say that the most popular subject was chocolate, with a generic “candy” poem and a bubble gum poem. Next in popularity was the category of pets: cats and dogs. My grrl included many animal sounds in her poem. She was very expressive. I find it interesting that none of the kids seemed particularly afraid to get up and do their thing. I know that by the time I was in middle school I was frightened to present material to a crowd.

That was the highlight of my day, and only one hour of it. The rest of the day was cooking, baking, cleaning, making more messes, cleaning again, and the usual computer stuff.

Big Accomplishment

My biggest deal today is that I got all but 10% caught up on my calendar stuff. I need to get with Matt of Threadbear Fiberarts on my classes for next term, and I’ll try to accomplish that tomorrow if I’m lucky. Other than that, I’ve scheduled for Foster Center, Haslett Community Education, Little Red Schoolhouse Yarns and Rae’s Yarn Boutique. The classes I’ve already scheduled are loaded into a Google calendar which I will be placing on my Colorjoy.com website as soon as I get the Threadbear stuff figured out. Yippee! Actually, here is a sneak preview of my new calendar, of course missing the Sunday classes I’ll be teaching at Threadbear from January through March or April.

Geek, Geek, Geek

I’ve also been consolidating websites. I’ve been making web pages now for ten full years! A few months ago I had web pages on four different web hosts/servers. Now I have copied all my sites to the Colorjoy.com/LynnH.com host, and am in the process of making redirect pages at all the old sites (so that if you go there, you can click a link taking you to the new location).


And somehow in the midst of all this I have been knitting socks. I finished pair 138 in Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran purple, on December 3. I finished pair 139 in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky, on December 8 (last night). I started another pair in dusty teal Kashmir Aran today during the poetry reading.

These days my feet just are so cold I am uncomfortable most of the time. Right now I’m wearing two pair of handknit bulky socks, one on top of the other, and my toes are still cold. So I’m obsessed with the idea of more fat socks, and if they are washable (the recent ones are) all the better.

All in All, a Good Day

Day off? Well, I cooked a bit more than when I’m gone and the food was excellent. Dinner was stir fry of shrimp and fresh fennel bulb (chopped up like celery) on top of wild rice. Very tasty! Breakfast was buckwheat (with other flours) pancakes and real maple syrup. After dinner I made a quick bread with barley and buckwheat flours, a texture much like cake but not as sweet. So the food today was extra-nice. Gourmet, as Brian might say!

Brian and I did go for a brisk walk around the block after dinner, just before the sun gave it up for the day. It was about 20 degrees F and windy. Without sun it was pretty chilly but I did dress properly for the occasion. The Norwegians have some sort of saying which has the essence of: there is no such thing as too cold, just insufficient clothing. Today I was able to avoid the too cold idea while on our walk, anyway.

And I did let myself knit on that tealish sock. It’s not as bright as my normal colors but the yarn is almost shiny with the ultrafiber in it and it’s very beautiful. Sort of an icy teal on the green side. Lovely.

Now it’s after midnight and I had a good day. Much good hot tea was enjoyed today, a few nice phone calls gave me nice social breaks from the computer and kitchen, and I finished something I really struggle with. All in all, a pretty nice day.