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Archive for December 11th, 2006

Time Flies

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Wow, it looks as though I missed a day of posting here. I feel as though I have not done that in months.

It was a busy day, I helped a friend fix her computer. I rarely do that anymore but she has nobody else to call. It required three different sessions (she has dial-up… downloads take so long, I go away and come back when they are done).

My helper also came and got some more sock yarn skeined up for me. I took her home and then Brian and I went to Magdalena’s Teahouse for the Seth Bernard and Daisy May concert. That was the RIGHT way to end the day!

Monday I designated as a special day off, as in don’t stay home. I thought about going to Chicago for the day (it’s 3.5 hours one way) but decided I did not feel like driving that much. Odd, since I long for Chicago most holiday seasons and I generally love driving. I went with the gut feeling, though.

So it turns out I’ll be having lunch with Diana and her hubby/my brother, Eric. They are just over and hour away. I’ve decided to go to the new IKEA in Canton to maybe get some lighting or a cabinet to store my yarn-winding supplies in the kitchen. They know a Thai restaurant where I can get food that I can eat healthily, or maybe we’ll go out for sushi again.

Thanks to all of you who have been visiting my shop (yarn/dyed socks website). For the record, I’ve also now added two music CDs by The Fabulous Heftones (that’s me plus my hubby Brian) to the merchandise available there.

Off to see my brother!!!!!! Oh, I don’t see him enough, I don’t chat with him enough. He’s my best fan, my best friend in the universe. The day is so warm (53F, springlike) that maybe we’ll be able to do a little walk or something. I hope!