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Archive for December 24th, 2006

Two Years Ago Today

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

LynnH and Altu in Gaza, Dec 24, 2004I was in Egypt on December 24, 2004. Altu and I went to the Great Pyramid (and a smaller stepped pyramid, Sakkara, that was cooler in a lot of ways though it was not in my travel book at all).

Altu just had to ride a camel, her trip would not have been complete without that experience. I did not think I would like this (I’m definitely a city kid and I typically like photos of large animals better than the real thing).

We rode the camels. It was absolutely wonderful, she had been right all along. Our guide (from what I could tell, he owned the camels) was funny and cheerful, and we were able to go places that you would not typically go on foot. The view was incredible. I loved it.

Here is a photo of the two of us on camels, two years ago today. In Giza, not at all far from the bustling city of Cairo, yet worlds apart. The gentleman in the photo is Nabil, our driver for a week when we were there. Nabil was the best thing about Egypt, a wonderful human being who really made sure we had the best experience he could give us. (The camel driver took the photo.)

Brian’s Holiday Music

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

brianhef_vox.jpgBrian has been busy recording. This time it is two for-web videos. He’s putting his work on vox.com, a new place for this sort of thing.

He has posted two solo uke musical recordings, one is Christmas Time is Here and one is a bit he made up, called Santa Claus Rag. He also has a little blog post there about his new ukulele.

Here’s Brian’s new VOX page:


Mostly Gray

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

A Weather Report of Sorts

In the last few days, we have had a lot of rain and no sun to speak of. Two days ago just maybe 3 minutes before the sun was to set, it actually came out. It was beautiful. The shadows were very dramatic, with no leaves to catch the rays on the way down. The rays were nearly horizontal and the color was golden.

sunshineflamingo.jpgI noticed the sun immediately. The phone rang and it was April: “Let us go for a walk while we have sun.” I grabbed my coat and we were off! We did not walk long but I took some photos. First is a plastic yard flamingo in my side yard with a sharp shadow about as tall as it is. Second is the houses across the street from me, lit up with the final rays of the day. (I am not sure if I have ever shared a photo of this angle of my neighborhood before.)

Color? Not Much.

I counted today. Of eleven houses in a row, ten are painted white (notice the lone yellow house second from right). A year ago it was twelve of thirteen, but last year the house kitty-corner from us painted taupe rather than white… still colorless but not the same as the majority of others. Lansing is just not fond of color, especially in our homes. Occasionally you will find a purple door in a “nice” neighborhood. Most likely you find bright colors on homes in more affordable neighborhoods… the more pricey, the less color, as a rule.

sunshinewhitehouses.jpgFor the record, our house is also white (it’s aluminum siding and I do not want to paint that). However, we have the only brick-red roof on the block and the trim is lavender-purple and salmon (basically a lighter version of the red roof).

On Saturday (following the three-minute-sunshine day), the sky was one big cloud sitting about a dozen feet above ground level, or so it seemed. You could not tell where the sun was in the sky. It drizzled and spat rain all day. At 1pm the light situation felt like it could be 6pm. Miserable. It was a good day for socializing, and I did a lot of that.

The Great Web Migration

Perhaps I’ll write more later of the lovely socializing… but I’m still working on the moving/renaming/redesigning of my websites/web pages. Ten years making web documents is a long time (and a lot of pages) for someone like me who always has a lot to say! I have fourteen folders of web pages, each of them a sub-website, some more obvious than others.

For example, I have the LynnH SockTour which has 40 pages in it, and then I have a patterns area which has close to 20 pages, now all linked from my Online Shop. There is my ancient Mexico travelogue (it is ten years old but now at a new web address/URL) and my almost-ancient polymer clay site which requires some serious updating and has for about five years. I have a poetry/quotations mini-site which consists of 41 individual pages.

I actually did retire a few mini-sites that just were not valid anymore (pages showing off my previous Y2K computer consulting business, purpletree, the domain name of which I sold two years ago, and in which I have basically not worked for a handful of years). I had a calendar page with associated class information pages, and at least for now that same information is displayed on my new Google Calendar Schedule Page.

So for now it’s back to web pages, renaming, re-linking, placing the new navigation bars, looking for mistakes. When I think I’m done I’ll be running a contest for you guys to find mistakes (thanks to Sarah Peasley/Handknitter for that prime suggestion)… I hope that will be this week.

Meanwhile, goodnight.