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Archive for December 30th, 2006

Socks, Socks, Socks! (and more…)

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

buttons by LynnHI’m on a major roll. I finished a pair of socks for Brian on Christmas day. I finished another gift pair on the 26th. I dug through all my boxes of unfinished projects to see what else I had on the needles. On the 28th I finished a pair for me. Right now I am finishing another pair.

Four pair in a week? Cool. OK, I surely did not *Knit* them all in that time, but I finished them and that counts for something. I was so low on small-sized double-pointed needles that I kept having to buy new sets. I will be free of that problem for at least a little while now. And since I usually knit two socks at the same time, on two sets of DPN’s, that is a nice cashflow boost, which I will enjoy.

Why do I have so many partial pairs of socks? Mostly because of teaching. I teach a particular pattern or technique, I work along with the class. I finish one sock or part of a sock, to the point where the class is done and I showed them what they needed to see. Then the project sits for the next class. Assuming there *is* another class, that is. Eventually I get to keep some of these for myself and that is a perk of my job. It takes a while for that to happen sometimes, though.

Both of the pairs I’m finishing for me this week were used as afterthought-heel demos. That has not been a big draw class in the past, though now I have five people already signed up for my class starting January 25 at Rae’s shop. Woohoo! This is my favorite sock structure for my own foot and I’m always happy to show it to others.
Button by LynnHHowever, I am still doing other business tasks and therefore I have not taken photos of many recent completed socks for you. I just added five items under Polymer Clay Buttons on the shop. I did a little mailing to those who had asked for notices if I had new yarns, etc… and to an email list which allows advertisements.

And since the Fabulous Heftones are doing some performances in the next month or two, I did a mailing (paper and email) to encourage folks to come out. It’s more fun to sing to a crowd than an empty room, you know?

And lucky me, I have some yarn to dye. Nothing like a winter vacation, huh???

At least we had great food for dinner and a nice walk in the neighborhood after dinner. That’s a mini-vacation, a break of sorts. After dinner we did a little promo recording for a friend who has a podcast, and I’m working on my afterthought heel socks between typing here and there.

Button by LynnHAnd I am counting my blessings. My life is pretty good, you know? I spent 4 hours today at Foster Center. I had fourteen children today and they were lively. One child knit, everyone else was on the computers. The knitter learned to unknit one stitch at a time (it’s called TINKing, which is knit spelled backwards… I did not make this up). She also learned how to make a tube by knitting on double-pointed needles. Magic. She has a couple of skeins of Noro Kureyon yarn and is making wristwarmers that change color slowly like a rainbow, in orange and pink and lavender. We both thought it was glorious.

Blessings. A space heater blowing on my feet right now is the best one of the moment. What I would have done for my very own space heater when I was in Africa, I can only imagine…. it got very cold at night where we were.

Photos are of three polymer clay offerings I added to the shop today. Photos of socks will follow when I can get free to do non-business work. If you want to see something new, though, I re-wrote the main page to my polymer clay subsite on Christmas Day, and it has some photos there… some old and some new, but probably all new to most of you readers out there.