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Archive for December 31st, 2006

Get Your Blackeyed Peas Now!

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

New Year’s day will be a pajamas-all-day experience for me, or that is the plan. We will do our annual batch of “Hoppin’ John” which is a blackeyed pea/rice dish eaten a lot in the southern states of the USA. It is especially popular on New Year’s day because the blackeyed peas (small beans, actually) are considered good luck.

I knew a woman from Texas once. She said she had a friend who put dried blackeyes in her change purse for good financial luck. That sounds messy to me, but I definitely enjoy the food anyway and it is a great excuse to have a day designated for us to eat it.

Three years ago I posted one possible recipe for vegetarian Hoppin’ John. Maybe you would like to join me in the kitchen? Today would be the day to get your groceries, that is if you want a jammies day on the First.

Whatever you do, may you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007.

Yarn Talks

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

LynnH Basketweave RugIt’s not my fault. Sometimes yarn just talks to me. A few years back I walked into Threadbear and they had Brown Sheep Burly Spun yarn on display. It told me “Rug.” I told the guys at Threadbear the yarn wanted to be a rug. They said, “a rug?” They could not imagine it. (Click photo at Left for a larger view.)

I did not know what it would end up looking like but I was sure. And now that very first Burly Spun rug (which became my Basketweave Rug pattern is still on display at the Threadbear shop. I’ve done several other rugs in other yarns but this one may still be my favorite. And the guys? They like it a lot, they just needed to see it first. (For the record, this rug makes a really great lap blanket as well.)

So Saturday I went to Rae’s to pick up a check she had for me, one of my favorite reasons for going to any yarn store. And some new yarn came in. Well, a yarn I’ve knit before but it was in new colors. She knew I would want to see, because it happened to come in hot pink, purple and turquoise, my favorite trio of colors. And the yarn whispered “Kid’s socks.” I was doomed.

You see, a few years ago I was doing work for Dawn Brocco‘s Heels and Toes Gazette (which is no longer in production for new issues but the back issues are available on her website). I had an exciting idea. I wanted to do a series of socks for kids, where each sock was different but in the same two or three colors. It was an idea that came too late for the issue at hand and I had to sit on the idea. For years. Until Saturday.

twosoxforisabel.jpgI took home the yarn. I got out the needles. And visiting Altu at her restaurant, in the car on the way to a holiday party in Ann Arbor, part of the time at the party, on the way home and a little more at my desk at home… I knit.

And now I have two socks. I choose to do at least four socks, two pair, which can be interchanged at will. I have made them in a size that little Isabel across the street can wear. These I am doing now are prototypes and then I will of course need to write a pattern.

Yes, I said four. I only knit two so far, these are in the photo. But they won’t be complete until there are four total socks, and no two will be more a pair than any other pair from the total count. I just love this fun I’m having. I had not “allowed” myself to do stranded colorwork enough lately. This is more fun than I’ve had with wool in a looong time!!!

I LOVE these sockies. I love them. I want to be a toddler again and have unmatched fun sockies. I’m not sure I can loosen up quite that much but maybe I can.

As for Isabel, I am pretty sure that she will love her sox by “Grandma Lynnie.” And for her mother, April, I think having 4 socks will make it easier for two to get washed occasionally… because trying to take something away from Isabel when she loves it very much, is difficult to say the very least.

I’m still fighting a case of the almost-headache blahs (this is getting old, it’s gone from Tuesday to Saturday off and on). I must have half a cold bug or something, it is taking my energy level down a bit. I’m afraid to sing too much until our gig is over Sunday night. But I did have a bit of excitement today, don’t you agree?