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Archive for January 1st, 2007

The Fabulous Heftones in the News

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Chris Wardell’s article on The Fabulous Heftones did indeed make it into Sunday’s (weekly) Lansing Community Newspapers. Click the link (first sentence) to read it online.
Chris told me earlier this week that the article would be in the Towne Courier (East Lansing and Meridian Township/Haslett/Okemos), which I have not acquired yet. However, Brian found this version online, which says it was published in the Williamston Enterprise. That pleases me, as I lived in Williamston for 12 years as a young adult.

Thanks to Chris and the rest of the folks at Lansing Community Newspapers for the interest. The article is very nicely put together, and we appreciate it very much.

Recipes for Your Day Off

Monday, January 1st, 2007

I love Eden Foods. They are a Michigan company that specializes in high-quality foods with pure ingredients, often organic. My favorite Japanese tea is Kukicha (roasted twig tea, dark and rich but almost no caffeine) and the best Kukicha I have ever found is from Eden. Not only that, but it is organic.

I was just searching the web for 100% Buckwheat noodles and found some on the Eden Foods website (my local health food store carries the brand but not that particular product). While I was perusing other items on the site I saw a photo of Hoppin’ John. I clicked. I found myself on a recipe site.

Eden Foods has a web page with 800 free healthy recipes. And healthy here means tasty. After all, real food without extra non-food ingredients means you taste the food more.

For instance, Eden has canned organic crushed tomatoes. Ingredient: Organic Roma Tomatoes. Period. I *love* things with one ingredient. I particularly love tomato products without added citric acid (which is a problem additive for many of us, even though it is a “natural” product).

Make today “read a label” day. Libby pumpkin has one ingredient: Pumpkin. Once upon a time you could get applesauce at a normal grocery that was merely apples and water; now they add “vitamin C” even to the “Natural Applesauce.” I never met a natural apple with vitamin C. They do it to control the color of the apples, I’m pretty sure of that, but it’s disturbing to me, very misleading.

I have a tube of Aloe Vera “100% Gel” which has seven ingredients listed on the back, and only one of them can I pronounce with confidence. Did you know that a “Slim Fast” bar has a good proportion of corn syrup (sugar) in it? Did you know that non-dairy creamer has a lot of corn syrup and various oils and/or gums to thicken your coffee?

Many good pastas are one ingredient: Semolina or Durum (hard wheat). Ryvita dark rye crackers are only Rye and salt, though similar-looking crackers sometimes have yeast in them. And don’t forget produce… an orange is an orange, period. How refreshing!

My favorite snack these days is sweet potatoes. I slice them and microwave them, and eat them with my fingers (and a napkin at hand). They even go into a plastic zip bag if I’m on my way to a party, and stay pretty whole with reasonable care. One ingredient, very filling and satisfying. Yum.

And with that I will go to my own kitchen cupboard. I will look for a can or two of blackeyed peas with which to make some Hoppin’ John for my New Year’s good luck meal. Luck or no, it’s surely tasty!

(Note to knitters… I’m in the process of more cute toddler socks. Note to musicians and fans… had a great gig Sunday night and got some photos, which I’ll post when I get to the photo editing.)