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Archive for January 3rd, 2007

A Birthday of Sorts

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Daddio and LynnH as kidsToday (January 3) would have been my Daddio’s 74th birthday if I figure it right. Daddy taught me to sing harmony. He showed me the stars in the sky (I remember putting a blanket on the grass on the little slope some nights and flopping down on our backs, looking at stars.) The only constellations I can recognize these days are the big dipper and Orion, but I still think of my Dad when I identify these.

Daddy played trumpet (actually, a longhorn cornet, something between a trumpet and a cornet). He loved New Orleans Jazz. Today in the computer lab I was playing a Louis Armstrong CD and it played a tune my father would sometimes play. It was perfect timing and I enjoyed it very much.

It was a great day to remember Dad, beautiful in every way… warm for winter, sunny, social in all the right ways. Dad would have been tempted to find a golf course if possible… that was what he did, even in light snow, on sunny days.

Daddy died when I was 14. I take after his very-social personality, he loved to be “on stage.” We both take after his mother, Gramma Ruthie.

For years I tried to be sweet and quiet and petite and demure. I’m petite, that’s how I’m built, but the rest of me is big and bold (and loud) even when I’d rather not be. Actually, I’m a little less loud than I once was but that is only obvious to those who were in my life 20 years ago.

There are worse problems than “taking after” strong folks. Both Ruthie and Daddio were strong and passionate people. I’m honored to carry on their kind of spirit in this world.

Photos are dad’s high school photo and me in 4th grade. Check out the same ears, same perfect eyebrows, same creases from nose to lip when we smile.

Aztec Room Photos (New Year’s Eve)

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

heftonesaztecroom12.jpgHere are a few photos of our New Year’s Eve as The Fabulous Heftones, at the Aztec Room. The first photo was taken by Drew Howard (thanks, Drew… you always take the best shots of anyone). This was when we were actually on stage.

Next is me sitting at the table after our set, knitting the last socks of 2006. Notice my ever-present friend, the constant companion I call my cup o’tea.

For the record, that gift I got at the Habibi Dancers’ holiday gala? The one I promised you I’d photograph? Here it is, finally… the purple stole. Sally/Sara knit this for me out of
newyearlynnknitting12.jpgChristmas tree tinsel garland. On size 50 needles, wrapped 3 times for each stitch. Cool, huh? Even if you don’t knit you can see how shiny this is.
newyearstolecloseup.jpgDrew got a shot with sparkles in it, what a guy!

The final shot is the band Defenestra, a “Free Jazz” band where two guys basically play computers as their instruments. The guy at front left was the main computer guy, next to him seated was a musician who played flute, pipes, and I think an electric bass though it could have been an electric guitar. Behind in the back was a guy I chatted with later, very nice dude… he played flute and trumpet. Back right corner was another computer guy who also played a few unusual instruments, one plugged in and one not. The guy back right is from Lansing and the other three are from Detroit.

aztecroom.jpgIt turned out that Marty came over to see us but did not play a set. We stayed for Defenestra and then left before The Chirps were going on. I had another of my “it’s raining” headaches and just wanted to go home. Later I realized we could have gone to the contra dance where a lot of friends were and where we normally would have spent the evening, but I just wanted to be home more than anything and we did just that.

Classes this Coming Week

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

My teaching schedule starts in a few days. For those of you who are local knitters, here is what I’ve got going in the next week or so:

First-Time Toe-Up Sock by LynnHFirst-Time Toe-Up Socks by LynnHSaturdays, January 6 & 13, First-Time Toe-Up Socks at Rae’s. You need know very little to make this sock class work for you. Know how to knit and purl and I can get you working in the round on Double Pointed Needles. If you already know all that, you can just learn the specifics of one way to make toe-up socks. The first week is 1-3pm, the second week is 1-5pm. More details on Rae’s site, under “Class Schedule” (she is good, even shows photos there).

Perfect Hug Shawl Goddess SizeSunday,Perfect Hug Shawl Capelet Size January 7, 1:30-3:30 (or so, we might go over if  desired and you have time to stay), Perfect Hug Shawl at Threadbear. This is a great project, from capelet to bear-hug shawl to Goddess wrap. The knitting is simple, top down with a few increases, knitting but no purling. Your yarn will determine ease of knitting and drape/final look.

Sassy Summer Bag by LynnHMondays, January 8 and 15, 6-8pm, Sassy Summer Handbag at Little Red Schoolhouse. This bag has been an incredible hit for me. It does not take a lot of yarn, is not expensive or time-consuming to knit, and has a really nice shape. You can knit it with or without stripes, with purchased or I-cord handles. Diana can knit one in an afternoon. It takes me a couple of days. Even if you can only knit a little each day, this bag is something you will not need to wait long to enjoy.