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Archive for January 4th, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Well, it rained again Thursday so I had to focus on the good things in my life. I spent 4 hours with a young knitter I enjoy and she started her first (toe-up) sock. Another child (who has made socks before) started one, too.

The best part of the whole day was when a young lady (Sophomore in High School) stopped in. She was one of my first really good knitters. I have not seen her since probably spring 2003. She moved and thus could not walk down to my knitting program any more.

I had a few things of hers in the knitting/computer room that she had left with me for display. Just yesterday I’d said how sad I was that I still had her books and mittens. Then today she came by and took them home. But just seeing her again, it was just wonderful. You can not help but love the kids when you do what I do. You can’t really say it out loud, but both parties know it. She says she is still knitting. Sigh… the best thing I could have had happen today happened.

I had a great time at Rae’s for knit in though it did not last long enough. Then I came home and I edited two photos in PhotoShop… and of course just as I was trying to save the program crashed (this is the second day in a row this has happened), it crashed and lost all my work.

So Brian cooked dinner (he’s a gem) and then I made some of my semi-famous Sinful Tapioca Pudding. It’s a rich treat I don’t make often (since I can’t have regular dairy products I make it with coconut milk and soy milk) but it will be the perfect treat for ending a rainy day.

I need to re-edit those photos… but for now I’m a girl who is satisfied with the small things. Now let me go play some music with my sweetie…

V. Curtis, are you out there?

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

(Sorry, private note here.)

I have an order from V. Curtis and I would like to mail it. Unfortunately, I’m missing some information I need before I can do that. I’ve sent out an email and have not heard back. V. Curtis, if you are reading this, please email me at Lynn AT ColorJoy DOT com.

Thank you.

Selling at the Speed of Light

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

The kazoo sold fast. I think it was not all of 14 hours on my site, and that included sleeping time for those in the USA. Thanks for all of your kind comments, and particularly thanks to the purchaser. If I make more, you readers here will hear about it first.

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine…

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

The sun shone Wednesday, a lot. There is nothing like even 5 minutes of sun to just turn my mood into pure happiness. It is still above freezing but not a lot. We have had a lot of rain lately… and that is not just gloomy but for me it brings on headaches. After a week of off and on headaches I had a perfect, wonderful, energized day. Yippee! And I wonder why I love summer so much?

Much of the time the sun and I were both up, I was at Foster Center supervising the computer lab. When I was there I opened up the blinds to let a little sun in, and even cracked open one window a little for fresh air. I count my blessings that when they renovated the building not long ago they still put in windows that open.

I also enjoyed peeking out the windows and watching all the kids on the playground equipment today. It was so beautiful out that there was scarcely room for one more child on that climbing gizmo out there. That was a glorious sight.

Time sure flies when you’ve got to stay in one place for 4 hours! I am not used to being pinned down that much! (I work significantly more hours than people with day jobs, but I rarely do anything more than a few hours in a row, except occasionally a marathon teaching session or a web page redesign.)

The good part was that I had a lot of kids, good company, to keep me from being bored at the computer lab. I had two knitters come by. One just said hello and went on her way, the other was with me for almost the full four hours. She is good company and really helped me pass the time more quickly.

Between taking care of kids’ requests for computer games, I worked in the ends on my unmatched potato-chip socklets, which now number six in total, still all different from one another. I thought I was done knitting them but I still have matching yarn left (I bought 3 balls and I have enough to make at least 7-8 pair of size 5 toddler socks this three-color method). I may keep going.

I also bought some other yarn, in turquoise/ green/ buttercup yellow, to do more. The first ones are from yarn Rae just got in (well, the colors are new though she’s had the yarn before) the second set I got the yarn from Threadbear. Should be some fun around here with knitting those (while writing a pattern… it’s already started but will take a while because I will need to do it in many sizes, a hassle).

That is, knitting and writing that pattern while I’m supposed to be doing other stuff, right? Except as I always say, you can not buy passion. Once you are really geared up to do something, you had better just follow the enthusiasm and do it. Waiting can reduce that energy and make the project less effective.

I’m working on a sort of New Year’s web project that I hope I will complete tomorrow if at all possible… that will depend on how much time I get at the computer Thursday (I’m writing this officially on Thursday but I haven’t slept yet, I’m still sort of working on Wednesday). I have another 4 hour computer lab tomorrow followed by an hour and a half at Rae’s. Not to worry, I’ll get it done when I get it done. Somehow I get other things done, right?

I somehow found time to dye some Cushy Colorsport yarn this New Year’s Eve and it’s finally steam set and dried and waiting to be skeined up. My helper is in Florida (bummer) so either I skein it up myself or it waits for her return. No huge hurry, really. It happens when it does, I can stress about it or not but it still gets done when it does.

Bedtime. I hope you had as nice of a day as I did today!

Photos? I took these in August of 2003, also a sunny day but that’s the only reason they belong here now. The frog and swallowtail, plus the grassy shot are from the MSU Grass Garden at the Turf Management Center. The last garden shot is the labyrinth garden behind the Sparrow Professional Building, literally in the middle of the city bustle (between a 6 story doctor’s office building and parking ramp).

And I can not resist sharing a picture given to me by a child, also summer of 2003. I taught her to knit at the age of 5. She did not make many stitches in a row before getting bored but she would come back and have another go at it later. She drew me more pictures about loving knitting than she made stitches, but we had a wonderful time together no matter what she chose to create.