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Archive for January 5th, 2007

I’m a Wimp

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Most people my age work 8 hours a day, five days a week, usually all in the same place. I am self employed. In my case, I work at home and three yarn shops and two community centers, a few libraries, and anywhere else I can. I work a *lot* of hours in a week, but I am not in the habit of sitting anywhere other than my desk at home, for longer than maybe 2 hours.

I just finished two weeks, where I worked 4 hour days in the computer lab with vacationing elementary-aged kids… the weeks were only Wed/Thurs/Fri and were only “half days” if you compare to folks with what are called real jobs.

I’m wiped out. When you work with kids you have to stay “on” all the time. You can not watch a child run down the hall without correcting them. You can not allow a preteen to bounce his basketball down the hall. You can not allow them to come in the computer lab with bagels or soda pop. It is a constant process of education and correction, then more of the same. The kids at the center are relatively good, normal kids… and even normal kids are a lot of work (especially for someone like me who usually has a few kids at a time who know me well… not a dozen or more kids who don’t know me at all.)

The good news? I spent a lot of time at the lab (between kids’ game requests and the above-mentioned corrections) working on knitted items. The first week I got out (UFO: UnFinished Object) socks that were almost finished and then set aside for whatever reason… I finished I think three pair of those while at the lab. Between the two weeks, I knit and finished six unmatched kids’ socklets in size 5T, all in three colors of yarn. I then worked in all the yarn ends for those while at the lab.

I also went back and looked up all the 21 pairs of socks I knit in 2006 and found far too many that I had never worn. All those pairs also now have all the ends worked in. That is pretty cool.

I even worked on a pair of legwarmers that will eventually become a pattern. I finished one, including the ends, and am already 52 rounds into the second one (that’s about 1/3 of the way on the second leg).

But I must say I am ready to start working with adults again. Saturday I will teach my first class of the year, a First-Time Toe-Up sock class at Rae’s. I love this class, this is how I knit about half of my socks for our household these days. And my pattern seems to work nicely for a lot of folks, whether they are new to socknitting or just new to the toe up direction. There are SO many ways to knit a sock but this variation hits a chord somehow.

For the record, I’m knitting socks for me again. This week I found a pair of Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran socks I’d knit for myself but never worn… and I wore them. They are SO soft that I bought more of the same yarn and I”m already halfway up the foot on the first one. Woohoo! Warm, fat, cushy socks for me! This is enough to make anyone smile!