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Archive for January 17th, 2007


Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

I worked one hour today. Of course that meant I had to get up and get presentable and drive there and back. It also meant that I had to get up before Brian went to work, because we determined last night that my battery had gone numb from sitting still so long in the cold.

So I couldn’t fall asleep till my usual very wee hours. I got up five hours later, started the car, took it on a spin long enough to be sure it would restart later. Home, long wonderful bath, figure out how to dress presentably after about a week in jammies. I dressed, went out to get meds that were going to run out tonight if I didn’t get ’em. Worked at Foster Center 1hr, picked up a paycheck while there, made deposit at bank (a most delightful errand indeed, I always love that one).

My bank is literally next door to Rae’s shop so I went in, it had been too long since I’d been in any yarn shop and I was going through withdrawal. Didn’t buy, just sat on the couch for a short while (the shop was closed already, she was doing inventory), and then went home. Too long out, not enough sleep.

I got home in time to chop up sweet potatoes. We decided to try to oven roast them today, because the rutabagas are so good that way. I put those in the oven, Brian steamed perch and spinach, and we had a good though simple meal. I will do the potatoes that way again. They take much less time than rutabagas.

Now I’m going to crash on that couch. I bet I’m asleep in 15 minutes. I do feel as though I’m recovering but I need some more sleep and I am going to be sure to do that for myself.