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Archive for January 18th, 2007

Something Like Normal

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Whew. I’m coming around, I almost feel like myself again. My temp is back to what they call normal and I just feel like I have a bit of a cold. I get so tired, though, and when I woke up this morning it was nearly amusing because I could not stay balanced. I had to catch myself on the wall so I would not topple over. I slept so hard that I just could not rouse myself enough to walk straight. It was a chuckle.

Food is still the most interesting topic of all in my life, though I am knitting a little bit. I made the Sweet Potato oven-roasted fries last night. They were very homely but tasty. I think I still like the rutabagas better, but any root veggie roasted in the oven is becoming a fond favorite these days. Tomorrow we will eat parsnips and carrots, they are good together.

I’m becoming very fond of my root veggies… they are flavorful and they fill me well. They also offer the benefit of being full of good minerals and nutrients. Of course, we eat nothing that is *only* good for us, so it’s great those characteristics underly the good taste. I’m becoming grateful to my food allergies for forcing me to learn about new foods. I am really enjoying the veggie adventures.

I tried to cook fish tonight. Usually Brian steams fish with greens when we want a fast meal. I’m pretty good at ruining fish (I don’t like it much anyway so I can not really tell if it is done until it’s overdone and rubbery).

Tonight I bought two pieces of fresh salmon (I think it’s a luxury I can get this in Lansing any day I want, really). Brian made one and I made the other, they both were fine.

We put both in the oven at 400F. His was in a glass pie pan with olive oil and just a touch of tomato sauce. Mine was in a covered casserole, totally covered in tomato sauce and then I added 3/4 of a can of small black california olives, crushed between my fingers (I like that texture in tomato-based foods). His finished cooking first, maybe 25 minutes. Mine cooked just over 30 minutes, I think.

We ate Brian’s fish because it was done first, and then I divided up the one I made into pyrex freezing dishes. With all that tomato sauce I expect it will taste even better thawed and cooked as leftovers.

We also had brown rice and steamed broccoli. There was a lot of rice left over so I decided to make an off-the-cuff rice pudding. I learned how to do this from my mother, who learned it from her mother.

I took the leftover brown rice, put it in our smaller crockpot, and added some leftover soy milk (half a box, about 2 cups, of unsweetened/unflavored) to it. I never drink the stuff, I only use it in recipes, so I have to really plan in order to not waste any.

I added a little water, some frozen white rice that had been leftover almost too long, and some sweet potato (yes really). I put almost a half cup of light brown sugar in, plus a lot of cinnamon, a touch of nutmeg, and about a tablespoon of good Mexican vanilla. It was sort of swimming in the liquid like a soup when I was done adding everything.

I put the sweet potato and white rice in because I’ve had trouble with 100% brown rice for rice pudding. It just isn’t starchy enough to really set up properly. Adding the (maybe 1/3-1/2 cup) of sweet potato and the appx. 1 cup of white rice to the maybe 2-3 cups of brown rice, added some more fine starch to the mix and made it more likely to actually act like pudding given some cooking time.

I let it cook until it was pretty thick, the soy milk was more like the texture of cream or slightly thicker. The pudding is now cooling in the refrigerator for breakfast tomorrow morning (yum).

I was only out of the house yesterday for 3 hours. Today I was out for 8. Most of that time I was sitting down, but it’s just exhausting to be “on” that much after over a week of being nearly inert. I was grumpy, hungry and exhausted when I got home. The food did really help me turn it around.

Tomorrow is another day, and it’s my official day off. I plan to visit an artist acquaintance who has some clothing she wants to give me… not from this side of the globe. I’m delighted both for the gift and the time I will get to spend with her. She’s an extra-special person and I don’t know her very well, it will be wonderful to chat a while and sip tea.