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Archive for January 19th, 2007

A Bit of Socializing

Friday, January 19th, 2007

I spent several hours on Friday with an artist friend. You know, I have relatively few peers in my life, at least in the Lansing area. I make a living as a creative person, between teaching and dyeing and designing patterns and singing and a little dancing.

It is my full-time work, my creative business. I don’t do it to dabble or make a few bucks on the side, I do it to pay my bills. I don’t know many people who can say that in my local life. I need to take my work seriously and keep very focused to make that work out for me. I am absolutely clear that I do not want to go back to a 40hr/week desk job, and therefore I work a lot of hours making this venture work for me.

This woman is also a fulltime artist. She happens to be a painter for the most part. She is incredibly talented and very passionate about her work. She also pays her bills with her creative business, she doesn’t intend to dabble. (Dabbling is fine, I did it for years building up to my current situation, but it’s great to have someone who understands my life right now.)

It was a wonderful day. I just drank in the companionship. We drank tea and ate pumpkin bread I made for us to eat, and talked until it was dark. I think I was there for 4 hours. It was wonderful.

After that I went home and my beloved Brian had cooked dinner. I ate turkey and carrots and parsnips from the crockpot, and steamed bok choi, and it was really good and it was ready to eat pretty much when I walked in. Can I tell you how loved I feel when that happens? It was wonderful.

Then I ran over to Threadbear briefly before they closed. My designer friend Trish Bloom had written to tell me she would be there. It was good to see her. It was also great to just be around other creative people instead of being on the couch for 10 days straight.

My fever is staying away, this is 3 days in a row so I think it’s really gone. I still tire very easily and I have a cough sometimes, though others notice it before I do (it is not uncomfortable, just distracting). I still need to carry a handful of my almost-vintage handkerchiefs with me wherever I go right now, but I feel much better.

Tomorrow is more socializing. Deb/Scarlet Zebra will be in Lansing and we intend to talk and drink tea until we can not have any more caffeine. It will be wonderful fun. We used to take four-hour woman-business-owner lunches a couple of times a year but we have both been crazy-busy in 2006 and barely seen one another. We have much catching up to do.

I was supposed to go to Fort Wayne (Indiana, several hours away) and dance with the Habibi Dancers all day Saturday. There is no way I can dance for ten minutes right now, much less on stage and looking chipper. Much less getting up in the wee hours to carpool to Ft. Wayne. I think it is wonderful I’ll be with Deb instead. I won’t have time to bum out about missing the companionship of the other dancers, I will be busy with my friend. Very very good.