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Archive for January 20th, 2007

More Socializing

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

You know, after 10 days flat on the couch with a foggy brain, I am sort of “waking up” to my life by seeing people who inspire me. I was delighted to spend several hours with my friend Deb today. What a treat!

Tomorrow my class cancelled so I will work at home. I have SO many patterns in various stages of production, and I need to work on at least one. I’m not well enough to go in the unheated basement and dye yarn but I can sit at the computer and make patterns go forward. I hope the sun shines, that would make it a great day for sitting next to the window in my office.

I am nearly well. I did get tired enough around dinnertime to actually take a nap, but I was out and about longer than I have been yet and I did feel pretty good while I was out. I cough a bit still but I feel about 98% most of the time.

After Deb went home I ran to two different grocery stores (it is amazing what you can run out of when you can not leave the house for over a week). In the course of the day I hit all three of the yarn shops where I teach. When I got home I was down for the count but that was OK.

I also got a call from a friend in Tucson. It was great to chat with her a little while. It just seems to be a weekend of relationship, and that is a wonderful thing.

OK, time to get some serious sleep. I’m happily wiped out.

Sunny Day!

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

I’m just ready to leave for Threadbear to see my friend Deb. The sun is shining, there are no clouds at all.

The trees are still coated in ice from the storm on Sunday night, I wonder if the sun will be hot enough to melt some of it away. Ice on tree branches is always a dangerous thing, branches break and hurt whatever is below them when they fall. I’ll hope the sun fixes a little of that… it is supposed to get to 26F (below freezing for my non-US readers) so it may not work, but I can hope.

I’m off to play with yarn and drink tea and talk and talk and talk. It will be a good day.