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Archive for January 24th, 2007

Slower, Slower….

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Slow is the Way to Go

I feel pretty good when I’m sitting down these days. I don’t cough much except when I go out in the cold air, that seems to trigger trouble, but most times I’m basically just feeling like I have a minor cold. However, Wednesday trying to clean house (going up and down stairs, both 2nd floor and basement) so that a few friends could come over without feeling uncomfortable, was enough exercise for three days. I can not believe how tired I get these days.

I am not instinctively tidy, I have to work hard at keeping order in the house. Since I have been either sick or less-than-100% since Sunday the 7th, the house was suffering and even those of us who live here were not particularly comfy here. It took a lot more effort than I really wanted to expend, but I do feel relief now that it is a bit more under control.

Music Luxury, Tech Heaven

The good part was that the guests were music friends and they and Brian created live music in the living room… the ultimate luxury! Right now I’m totally enjoying the new laptop battery I bought in December, lounging on the couch with a zillion pillows and typing away.

I can’t help but think of my dad. Here I sit on my couch sending a print job to a full-color laser printer, through the air! It’s like Dick Tracy cartoons from the 60’s, in my mind. Dad died in June 1973. He was a statistician and did all his calculations with a slide rule. He said when calculators got small enough to fit in a pocket and the price went under $500 he would buy one. He never had that opportunity. Now I sit here printing through the AIR! How cool is that?

What would I do without this easy access to the Internet? I would not have met a lot of the wonderful people in my life. Even in Lansing there are people I met first through this blog. This week I shipped polymer clay buttons to England. I have sold yarn to Wales and Australia, Canada and all over the USA. It’s the coolest thing, and it allows me to make a stab at making a living from Lansing, Michigan, as an artist. Too cool.

Nothing like Friendship

I had lunch with Sharon P of Knitknacks today, she’s so wonderful. She was wearing an entrelac sweater she knit out of purples/pinks/greens, Silk Garden by Noro. She looked gorgeous, it was so flattering to her! She does wear purple a lot but more often with turquoise I think. I gushed but I think she didn’t mind…

Rae’s gone on a writing retreat for a week and I miss her already. I’m sure she’s enjoying both the company and the surroundings.

Personally, I’m just a tad overwhelmed with my schedule here, myself, though everything I’m doing is good. There are three challenging deadlines this week on top of my “appearances” and sometimes I just have to give in and sleep even though work is not done. This, too, shall pass.