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Archive for February 1st, 2007

Laura Bates and Brandon Foote

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Our friends Laura and Brandon have been singing/performing together a lot lately. They have a MySpace Page for their act. I just went there and listened to their song “Backwoods Baxter Chapel.”

I have heard Laura sing this many times in person, but listening without watching her at the same time shows off even more her wonderful, expressive voice. The song is about a church, but you can enjoy it as touching storytelling even if you do not share the same faith as those in the story. Listening to the song gave my morning a boost. I highly recommend you check it out.

By the way, it looks as though Laura and Brandon are playing a concert at Magdalena’s Teahouse (Lansing’s Eastside Neighborhood) on February 16 (Friday) at 8pm and at Scene Metrospace (Downtown East Lansing) with Head and Toe and Breathe Owl Breathe on February 17 (Sat.) at 8pm. I highly recommend getting out to hear this wonderful duo if you can.

Busy Busy

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Starting Over

Every day is a new day. Today I tried to get back into the swing of my normal life. I was mildly successful.

I had morning alone at home. That meant a lot of small tasks including taking photos of new merchandise, checking my Paypal account, talking to Diana about priorities for sample knitting (I get about 3 times more done these days now that she’s doing most of my sample/test knitting, because she also keeps me more on track than when left to my own devices)… a bunch of other desk things that are boring but necessary. I printed a bunch of patterns which will all be stuffed into page protectors on Sunday when my helper comes again.

Oh, one cool thing… I bound off my 3rd pair of socks in 2007 (the first for me) while I was on a planning phone call with Diana. They are lovely, no photos yet… but I will enjoy wearing them when the ends are worked in and photos taken.

My Kidz

Then I taught the CityKidz Knit! program at Foster Center. I have one very good knitter who will have her last day with us Thursday. I’m sad she’s leaving but she is at the point where she will be able to figure out a lot of things on her own. I will miss her very much, she is one of my most regular attendees. Sigh. Life changes and we are not in charge.

Getting Vertical Again

I went to master dance class, deciding to at least try to do the warmups. Remember, I’ve been sick since January 7 and could not think straight for about 2 weeks. My brain has been on-track for about a week but I only feel normal when I am sitting down. Walking very far at all means my legs feel all wobbly, like rubberbands. I was not sure how dance would go but I could not know until I tried.

I did get through warmups. She taught some new moves I had not done before, so for most of them I got up and did them a few times when she was breaking the moves down slowly. Once they were up to speed and repeating numerous times to make it automatic, I sat down and waited for the next new move. It was pretty exhausting. It is so frustrating, I was starting to go on a walk every day, at least the 5 minute walk around the block if nothing else. Right now thinking of going around the block does not sound very do-able even if it were warmer outside.

However, I’m still clear this is a temporary thing. I got a virus. Many people are still feeling less than 100% even 8 weeks down the road, so I am still in the realm of what the winter 2007 bug is doing to folks. I know several folks who have had relapses because they thought they should be able to go back and do normal things, before they really were ready.

bizarreyarnballs.jpgI had to give up my dance performance for Friday. Sally/Sara is going to take my February date at New Aladdin’s, and I will dance in May instead. It’s what needed doing and I appreciate her stepping in like that.

New Socknitting Project

Oh… I started a new pair of socks at 7pm. I’m using the new Mondial Bizarre yarn. It’s approximately a worsted weight, in a cabled (tubelike) structure, washable wool (but no dryer, I guess). Mine is turquoise, fuschia, vivid bright orange… and gold/brown just a tad darker than the Crayola crayon called goldenrod. I want to call it Raw Sienna but you could also call it bronze.

In any case, this last color is NOT my style. The reason the yarn is called Bizarre is that they put a color in that doesn’t normally go with the other colors. I don’t mind that so much but I wish the bizarre color was a small percentage of the skein. The first ball I got was about 1/4 each color, maybe a little more turquoise. What I did was I broke the yarn and shortened the bronze so that I could stand to wear the socks. Thank goodness I have small feet so that I can spare some yarn even when it’s a relatively large gauge of yarn.

The first sock could already be bound off any time. I knit the whole foot and 3.5″ (9cm) of a cuff, which is enough to make me happy. I put the stitches on holders and started the second sock. I think the second ball has more of the bizarre color and I want to be sure both socks are the same height, though they will not match as far as where the colors are on the foot. You should see Rae’s Bizarre socks (scroll way down), one was missing a color for more than 3/4 of the ball.

I looked through the balls of yarn a long time. I found one that was the same color sequence from outside to inside, as another from inside to outside. I just finished the outside-first ball and am now knitting the inside-out ball, I’m maybe halfway up my foot (toe up). So far they are the same but I can not believe they will stay that way.

Time to Rest

OK, I’m tired an hour or two earlier than usual (which is good, I have been staying up till 3am or 4am lately and that is too late to interact with the rest of society). I am glad I tried to dance, and I’m also glad I am not dancing as a soloist on Friday!

Goodnight for now.