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Archive for February 3rd, 2007

Free Cookbook On Barilla Pasta Site

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

A few days ago, my cousin Karen sent me information on the Barilla Pasta website… if you download their Celebrity Cookbook they will send money to Second Harvest. Here is what the Barilla site says:

Every time you or a friend downloads a copy of The Celebrity Pasta Lovers’ Cookbook, Barilla will donate $1, with a total donation up to $100,000, to America’s Second Harvest – The Nation’s Food Bank Network, a national charity that secures and distributes more than 2 billion pounds of donated food and grocery products annually.

They do require that you register to download, but they give you a chance to either get the e-newsletter with recipes monthly, or decline that option. They also have a link to their privacy policy (as to what they might do with your email address once you give it to them) which seems to me as good or better than most… you can read it if that’s a concern (I tend to read privacy policies regularly, and “opt out” from having my information shared as often as I can).

Second Harvest is a wonderful thing… I know some restaurants participate, sending food that can not be sold as part of a menu item but which is still nourishing, to food banks. I know that when I post recipes here, you folks respond enthusiastically. I’m a big pasta fan (and Barilla is a really good quality product… their spaghetti sauce does not contain corn syrup, for example), and this looks like an adventurous cookbook for those who want to put something other than red sauce on their pasta from time to time.

Thanks for the lead, Karen!

I’ve Been Quoted on “Tim’s Take”

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

There is a new blog by a ukulele musician who appears to be from Texas. The blog is called “Tim’s Take” and I found out about it because one of his earliest blog posts quotes me (dated Jan. 31). Imagine that!

He found my telling of our main stage performance at the New York Ukefest 2006, to be inspiring. Of course, I was telling it from my own perspective and since he quoted a relatively large chunk of the story I’m not sure which pieces were most important to him.

I talked about allowing myself to feel a full set of emotions while I was on stage. About how was able, at least during the small duration of our performance, to really be in the moment and just experience the joy of it all. And how much I enjoyed it, got choked up, savored the reality that I was doing something so wonderful that I might choke up about it.

Tim, thanks for giving me a chance to revisit that experience again. I tend to love all cities, but singing in NYC is about at the top of my list of possible city experiences. I’m looking forward to going back to NYUkefest again this coming April. Woohoo! The best of times…

(I tried to leave Tim a comment but that requires registering for multiply.com so I gave up… I hope he sees this.)