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Archive for February 7th, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rae!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

RaeIt is Rae/Extravayarnza‘s birthday today! She is an extra-ordinary person, and I am proud to call her a good friend. Why not go to her blog and add to the long list of birthday greetings?

I love this photo of Rae, it shows her wonderful smile. She was modeling a hat for me, it’s not in her colors at all so don’t blame her for that, she was a real champ to do that favor!!! But isn’t she the cutest?

Quiet Brian is Sometimes Lively

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

The Fabulous HeftonesMy sweetheart is usually a man of few words. He can make me laugh, though… he is a good observer and just saying the truth out loud can bring me a fit of giggles. For people who know us, though, they definitely observe that I’m the lively one and he’s more quiet.

But when you get us on stage, the roles reverse. I’m the romantic straight love-song crooner. He either wows the crowd with hot instrumentals (if your computer is set up to listen to MP3 music, listen to his own composition, recorded live at Altu’s, called Epley Breakdown) or he brings out the novelty tunes. The 1920’s was full of funny songs, often with risque’ undertones.

Brian has been enjoying my new camera in the last few months, and he has been recording short one-take videos for his http://youtube.com/heftone page. I must say I am biased toward the funny ones, I don’t much like instrumentals even when they are excellent… I am a singer, and that’s my angle on music. A while ago he did Your Baby ain’t Sweet Like Mine, which makes me smile from ear to ear. More recently he recorded what may be my family’s favorite funny one… If You can’t Land Her on the Old Veranda, You Can’t Land Her at All. Yeah, a little naughty but not explicit at all, innuendo all the way. And much fun! Also check out My Red Hot Gal.

So go visit Brian’s page and see if it helps you smile your way through the day. In this miserable weather, we need as many giggles as we can get!

The photo today is one Regina took of us at Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine, probably over a year ago. I love this one!

Diana’s Recipe: Remember Summer Oatmeal

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Diana posted a recipe on February 5, for special oatmeal with a fruit sauce over it. You’ll want to check out her Remember Summer Oatmeal post.

I Did it Again

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

I had one more day where I fell asleep on the couch not long after dinner. I slept till 5:30am on the couch before I went up to our bedroom to keep on sleeping. If this is what I need, and if I have the schedule to do it, I’m all for listening to my body. I am really hurting for quiet desk time, though.

I’m working on having 3 new patterns by Friday, that is the goal. The Kristi Comfort Wrap is already done. I am much of the way through the Party Stole and we have tested the Chippy Socks (like potato chips, you can’t stop knitting them) many times in many yarns. I have the basic measurements/stitch counts figured for the socks, which will be offered in the same eight sizes/gauges as my Fast Florida Footies (to be knit in either a washable wool or in Cascade Fixation cotton/lycra yarn).

My typical schedule is to do quiet deskwork after dinner. We usually finish eating around 10pm. I work at my desk a while, then we usually rehearse from about 11-12 or so, then I work at my desk again, usually until 2am and often till 3 or later. Sleeping at 11pm is really messing with rehearsal and pattern writing! I do have some things that I usually do each week that are not going to happen this week, and I am hoping those things will make up for the extra needed sleep. Cutting sleep short when I’m still really weak in the knees would not be a good plan.

dwightrichfirstwristband.jpgSo what did I do when I was awake Tuesday? I had my third session with the after-school knit club at Dwight Rich Middle School (in Lansing, Michigan). I am liking these girls very much. It’s a group of the same girls week after week, and although socializing slows down their stitch-making progress at times, we had two girls learn to bind off this week. The photo today is the first wristband of the program. This girl was very happy with her pretty orange-and-glitter fingernail polish and even more happy to have a photo taken with both polish and new wristband. Yup, this is fun stuff!

Wednesday and Thursday I’ll have CityKidz Knit! program at Foster Community Center (City of Lansing Parks and Rec, a walk-in program) and Friday I will have my second week with elementary-aged students at Wexford Elementary school (Lansing Public Schools). I am not sure how I ended up the kids’ knitting person… I made sure I did not go for a degree that would put me in an elementary school (Mom taught 1st grade, I knew something about it) and yet I’m working with kids under age 14, four days a week. Go figure.

I guess we are what we are, and in the end we can not defy our destiny. Or something like that. The good news is that for the most part it is really satisfying work. It’s one hour then one hour then one hour, etc… it does not add up to any real income by itself, but I know I am passing on my passion for making fabric with yarn and sticks, and this feels important. The side benefit is that the kids see me as a bit odd but they like me, and I think it is good for kids to know someone who does not fit in, but who they also respect. This is maybe better than the knitting lesson!