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Archive for February 8th, 2007

Sara Makes a Point

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Sara writes in her comment to the previous post, how impractical actually knitting that blanket for a horse would be. Thanks for the input, Sara.

Coming from me, a happy citygrrl only about 25 blocks from the state capital, with no animals, plants, children, garden… I saw this as an amusing art photo. I only know one person who has horses, and I am absolutely certain she would not knit this even though she is a knitter.

I wrote it too straight-faced, I guess. Saying “your horse” is like saying “your spaceship” to a citygrrl, it doesn’t feel real.

I can’t imagine how stretchy knitting would survive under a saddle (I did ride horses at camp in 1969, for the record, and learned how to prepare the horse and put blanket and saddle on it before riding).

I do think the horse looks beautiful in the blanket. As an artform, anyway. I like tree sweaters, too.

Knit for Your Horse

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

You can buy a yarn/pattern kit to make your horse a blanket with a circular yoke (like the Icelandic sweater Alda just made for her daughter). I’m told it’s good yarn and it’s only $88 euros, but it doesn’t include needles.

The site is in German, so the information above is by word of mouth. I can pronounce German, thanks to my voice-major diction class in 1977, but I don’t know what the words I’m pronouncing mean. That is a bit dangerous, I’d say!.

It’s a very stylish horse!