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Archive for February 9th, 2007

Say Thank You

Friday, February 9th, 2007

I have been thinking about relationships of all sorts… neighbors, friends, co-workers, colleagues, life partners. Sometimes I believe that the words “thank you” make more difference than anything else.

If we say thank you enough, when someone does something for us (even if it is really their “job” to do it or if it was easy to do), that creates the right atmosphere. For continuing kindnesses, for feeling appreciated, for many things relationships need. Some rough times can be made more bearable when we know the extra work we are doing is truly noticed and appreciated, you know?

I might even go out on a limb and say that some relationships might turn around and heal if treated with a large portion of “thank you” moments. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

Of course, it takes two people to really make a relationship… but I’m watching a friend suffer deeply right now for a deficiency of thanks and appreciation. It makes me very sad.

Whether it is the doorman whose job it is to open the door for me, the waitress who brings me my “to go” dinner, my husband doing what he would do whether I was there or not… I make a point to say thank you.

No, it is not cliche’ and it is not out of proportion. I don’t really deserve to have anyone do anything for me. I’m perfectly capable of doing most everything alone, at least when I am not sick. But life is better with other people, and when someone makes my life even a little nicer I let them know that I have noticed and that I am appreciative.

It seems to me thank you is a much more important thing to say than even “I love you.” It expresses an awareness of the sometimes small actions folks take on my behalf. It lets people I appreciate, know even more surely that I do appreciate them. Even if I will never meet them again.

Remember to thank someone today. It makes life better for all of us.

Almost on a Roll

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Thursday the sun shone and I felt better than I have in a month, at least for several hours in the early part of the day. I really loved the rainbows on the walls of my office (thanks to cut crystals, gifts, hanging in my south-facing window).

I’ve had wobbly knees, so to speak, for several weeks since my fever left. I cought this bug on January 7, and here it is February 8 before I felt better. I still need more sleep than usual but I am making sure to allow myself that extra time.

I am cranking as hard as I can on these patterns. I had really planned to have three new patterns ready (including the Kristi Comfort Wrap which is done) Friday/tomorrow. However, after losing three nights of quiet work time (because I fell asleep about 3 hours earlier than usual) I am not sure I will catch up with that deadline. It will be a push to the finish but realistically I think this is not within reach.

chart1color.gifI am trying a new computer program to chart my stranded colorwork for the new “Chippy” socks (you can’t stop knitting them, like potato chips). The program is called Knit Visualizer.

I am using a demo version right now, both because I want to test it first, and also because it does not support colors in charts yet. I can not export from the demo version. I have to do a screengrab, take it into Photoshop, crop and clean up the edges, and fill in colors where appropriate.

At least for the ten charts I needed for the Chippy socks, I like this better than Stitch Painter Gold or Excel, the other two programs I have used for charting colorwork in my patterns. Even after I had to colorize the charts in PhotoShop, I saved significant time in the actual chart-building time using this program.

When I created patterns for Dawn Brocco’s Heels and Toes Gazette, she liked Stitch Painter Gold. She found it easy to figure out… as for me, I was bewildered. I did complete the work she requested, but it took hours longer than it should have taken, I do not know why.

Maybe my confusion is because of my six years as a software trainer, mostly teaching Microsoft Office (and before that DOS programs). I perhaps expect programs to all “think” like Microsoft products, as awful as that admission might be. I also use one Adobe program, PhotoShop, though that one required a few seminars to learn, it’s so deep.

I am usually a whiz at learning new programs, but SP Gold did not work in any way I could expect it to work. I know Excel very well, but it is not intended to be a charting program and I had fits with the border lines when cutting and pasting.

Whatever the case, this new program is quite promising and I may go ahead and buy it after the next release. They promise color in the charts at that point, and it would be nice to be able to export the chart without fussing in PhotoShop as well.