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Archive for February 10th, 2007

Retreat is Great

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

Today Rae and I got to retreat and have been hanging out, eating, knitting, eating, knitting, laughing, and more…

I can’t think of a better way to get away. The site is beautiful, snowcovered and wild but peaceful. The good news is that my strength is coming back. Our sleeping rooms are far from the meeting room which is not yet as far as the dining room.

The great news is that I am able to walk all this distance even though just a few days ago I could barely walk to the car without feeling woozy. This is a wonderful development.

Our class this morning was shadow knitting. I didn’t expect it would be such fun but it really was. I finished a sample with a heart and a half a sample with stripes. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Actually this is reminding me of the shadow/illusion knitting shawl I planned a long time ago… I purchased the yarn at Threadbear and it has been a long time sitting on my shelves.

Right now I’m trying to type this as the group is watching a movie and I’m a bit distracted so I’ll stop typing. I’ll catch you later!!!

Knitting Retreat

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

I’m going on the Mid-Michigan Knitters Guild retreat this weekend. Rae and I are car-pooling and that means good chat time, It is 1.25 hours in the car one way. I’m more excited about time with Rae than anything else, but the whole thing will be great. My friend Kristi will be there for Sunday, it will be great to have time with her as well. Poor Sharon P is too ill to go but she wisely will stay home to heal. I’ll miss her.

Saturday we mostly knit and chat and eat, but we have a workshop on shadow knitting. Sunday we have a workshop at 9:30am (yawn) on moebius knitting (Rae’s teaching that one). We may leave after lunch to come home, Rae needs to be home early afternoon. It will be wonderful no matter when we leave.

Previous retreats have been shopping trips with a hotel. This is in a retreat center. We realized that in Lansing we have such good yarn shops (five of them within 20 minutes of my house, three more if you go to 30 minutes) we don’t need to shop somewhere else… we are spoiled.

It’s too early for this grrrl to be fully happy. I’m going to make my famous Teff Muffins to make getting up a treat, make some good tea and try to wake up. It will be a good day.