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Archive for February 11th, 2007


Sunday, February 11th, 2007

I am glad I went on the MMKG (knitting guild) retreat. I got a change of pace and more time with some of my knitting friends than I usually get. They are good people. I’m so happy I felt well enough to go on this event.

Official thanks here to those who did the work of making the retreat possible. From the phone call people, the finders-of-locations, the idea people, the planners, the money takers, thank you all. Also a more personal thanks to Rae/Extravayarnza who drove me to the retreat and Kristi/Red Dog Knits who gave me a ride home so Rae could leave a little early (and I could stay a little bit longer to socialize… particularly good since I went to bed early on Saturday, losing out on some socializing then).

We all ate more than usual… the food there (I’m told) was very good and as for me, I packed a LOT of (pre-cooked) food from my freezer, good stuff, so I could zap it in the microwave in the dining room. (We all had refrigerators in our rooms, a wonderful luxury.) I ate three meals for 2 days in a row, something relatively rare for me (because of my odd schedule I usually get breakfast, a snack, and dinner… maybe also a snack after dinner).

In addition to the extra food portions (which are good for me right now, I don’t have the overweight problem I had in the late 1970s… after which I lost 50+ pounds which pretty much have stayed lost), I walked a lot. After almost no walking or other exercise for about a month or more. Talk about a combination set to make a girl want to curl up and hibernate!

I came home, unpacked, and had dinner with Brian. After that I bound off/finished the moebius knitting I’d started this morning (it stretched a lot… into a relatively skinny scarf rather than the cowl I’d planned, I’m not sure yet how I feel about that), finished some ends on some socks that have been waiting for attention, and talked to my brother on the phone for 40 minutes.

It is just barely past 10pm and I am totally wiped out, enough that I may go to bed. This from the past-midnight grrl.

Some nights I go to bed at 4am even after not having any caffeine since 9:30 or so, and I just lie there in the dark resting but not sleeping for a while longer. Saturday night I turned off the lights at 11:30 (after pretty much lounging on my bed in the resort for a few hours first) and slept 9 hours. I know this will not last, I’ve been a wee-morning-hours person since I was at least in High School, and years of working a “day job” did not knock it out of me.

But today I’m wiped out from walking and too much food and excitement. I’m wiped out from being out in the cold several times a day. I’m wiped out from so much social stimulation and brain stimulation. And I’m all about turning into a lump many hours earlier than is normal for me. Just for today.