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Archive for February 12th, 2007

This is a Post

Monday, February 12th, 2007

I feel as though I have nothing to say today. (How can that be? I’m LynnH, after all…)

OK, I’ll give it a shot.

  1. I still feel well, yeah! Thirty-two days of feeling crummy was definitely enough for me.
  2. I slept 9 hours though I did crash early… and am feeling tired enough to sleep before midnight again.
  3. I spent the morning working on the final text edits for my Party Stole pattern. I still do not have photographs. If I can get photos, I will be able to release that pattern this week.
  4. I stopped at Rae’s for literally 3 minutes today, to give her back a circular knitting needle she had loaned me. I was a brat and whined because the moebius I knit looked like it would be a cowl (as planned) on the needles… and I did even block a bit on the needles to be sure… but turned out skinny as a scarf. I don’t wear scarves, I don’t like them (they are not warm enough for someone like me). I believe Rae deserves a better friend than I was today, so I’ll try again tomorrow when I have time to actually talk, and listen.
  5. I taught my computer classes today. That work is very satisfying, but it really exhausts me emotionally sometimes. The people are wonderful, they learn and come back to me reporting on how they can tell they have progressed. I have this drive to teach them as much as I possibly can. Yet I can not teach too much at once or they will not absorb anything. It’s a juggling act I do well. But after that shift (two classes in 4.5 hours) I went home and finished my shadow-knit swatch and now I’m done for the night. Whew!
  6. In the weather report department, it was warmer than it has been in a while. My car had not been started since Friday and I worried it would not want to start today, but it was a champ. I’m grateful for the warmer weather, especially because of that fact.
  7. We had wonderful dinner (homemade red lentil soup for me) out of the freezer so we would not have to cook (and so the freezer will hopefully soon be tamed). I had a cup or two of organic green tea that Altu gave me. And now I’m SO ready for sleep.

I am sure I am a better writer than this on most days. Today I’m a reporter of facts. Please forgive. Tomorrow I don’t teach much and I’m guessing I will even probably have some photographs! Or that is the plan, anyway…