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Archive for February 15th, 2007

More about My Kid Knitters

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

This photo (from January) is the oldest of my knitters at Foster Center. She is in High School right now, and she usually comes to knitting with her Mother (who also knits with us). Here she is showing off a handwarmer she made in the round (on double-pointed citykidzhandwarmerfeb07.jpgneedles… she made socks last year), complete with thumb. This yarn was donated to my program (it is Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride, very warm and perfect for a handwarmer).

The kids in all of my programs have been asking me to thank all of you who have donated needles, canvas bags, yarn, needles, scissors… I make sure they know that nearly everything we use was given to them as a gift. That it is *theirs* to keep and use. And that they can keep receiving yarn as long as I see that they are knitting it at home… there is a supply as long as they are using it responsibly.

For those who will ask, I do have enough of some things (acrylic yarn in solid colors) but always can use a few special items… We are not in dire straits here because my local knit guild has been very supportive as have been my adult computer students.

However, since I now have more kids to supply, inventory is a little lower than usual. I will try to be specific.

We are always short on straight knitting needles in sizes 5 to 11 (single needles are more than welcome, I have lots of singles they might match), circulars in the same sizes for hats and small bags (I think that’s about a 16″ cable). I can not keep multicolored worsted-weight yarns in stock (they adore redheart rainbow, as we all did at that age if we had the choice). I also need darning needles (those plastic ones are just great), canvas bags (advertising is fine) in which they can carry their projects, and yarns that can be either felted and/or dyed (that is, animal fiber especially in pale colors).

citykidz020107.jpgFor the most part they knit worsted or bulky weight yarns, in smooth textures. I have some capable of knitting thin yarns but they typically do not have the patience to knit that many stitches in one project. Even my kids who knit socks use washable yarns with at least a small wool content, but in worsted or bulky weights.

What I do not need: I have plenty of novelty yarn right now. I can use a little acrylic in really bright colors, purple or variegated/multicolors but I am full-up with solid colors that are “adult” colors such as cream, burgundy or navy. I can’t use thin yarns. I can’t use anything that was in a basement long enough to smell mildewy. I can’t use adult instruction books. I have enough double-pointed needles (DPNs) unless you want to send wood or bamboo. Some kids drop needles (especially DPNs) if they are not wood or bamboo, or plastic… (I do not have the kids enough hours for me to teach them to make their own needles, as cool as that might be. They need to spend their rare time with me actually knitting, as there are many of my kids I literally see one hour a week.)

As I said, right now I’m OK, I’m not desperately begging, but especially canvas bags, darning needles and straight knitting needles in any length are an ongoing need. And kids are so fascinated with felting that any shrinkable wool gets used up pretty quickly, though it is by no means a necessity.

If you are sending something, I’d appreciate a note to let me know to watch for a package. The address would be:

Lynn Hershberger
c/o Foster Community Center
200 N Foster Avenue
Lansing, MI 48912 USA

As always, thanks for your emotional support… no donation necessary. Your emotional support is most surely enough. For those who do send a package, I can get you a tax letter detailing what you donated if you include a piece of paper inside the package with your name and email address and/or snailmail address on it. (The paper goes to the secretary, the rest of the package goes to the computer/knitting room.) A business card would work, if you have one.

Oh, the last photo… CityKidz Knit! at Foster Center just a few weeks ago. Every day is a different group, though many return often. The child at far right made socks last year and a glove this year, and moved to Oregon this month. I love them all, and that means I already miss her. The good news is that I know she will knit without me no matter where she goes. That feels really good.