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Archive for February 19th, 2007

And the Winner Is…

Monday, February 19th, 2007

OK, I dyed yarn. I dried it. I re-wound it into skeins. I need to label it but took photos while the sun was out (the porch is a good place for photos on days like this, since it is above freezing and I’m shielded from the wind while getting nice reflected light).

So I took the photos inside. And I got really frustrated. You see, I dyed some yarn in the most wonderful colorway I’ve ever dyed… at least for me (I do have favorite colors, as you know). It is a wonderful intense turquoise with a new deep pink dye and my favorite intense purple with blue tones.

So I took photos. I could *NOT* get it to display the turquoise/green aspect of the yarn at all using the new, slick Sony Cybershot camera I bought not long ago. It was so frustrating.

*Then* I remembered that I had another digital camera in the house. I bought that camera in November, 2004 and took all my photos in Africa using it. I thought I’d left it at the Temple Club but found it in the pocket of my rarely-worn dress coat, months later. I tried a few shots with the old camera, a plain-vanilla Kodak Easy-Share. (Of course, there are features in each camera that either I adore or strongly dislike, it’s impossible to pick a favorite one at this point. For today, color was everything.)

I’m delighted. The old camera handles this colorway better than the new one. Here are the photos, side by side (new camera, old camera):

swatchsony.jpg swatchkodak.jpg

Whew. To be honest, I do color-correction in PhotoShop on every photo I take, but this was the best I could get given the photos I had.

Turquoise, Hot Pink and Purple. The perfect LynnH colorway. The turquoise is more intense in real life, but you can at least see it and that’s a relief. I’m back on the road…