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Archive for February 22nd, 2007

My Yarns are Up!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

My Shopping Cart is now updated with all of my new full-sized skeins of Tiptoe Sock Yarn. I made 7 colorways this time, with anywhere from 1 to 8 skeins in each colorway.

Sometime here in the next week I will be posting some short “oddball” skeins in solid colors (I imagine these for contrasting heels/toes or baby booties, or maybe just as a way for you to see if you like the feel of my yarn). I also hope to post a few polymer clay buttons.

The colors in the photo above are not as true as the photos on the shopping cart. Well, the almost-solids (flammegarns) are fairly close, it is the multicolors that are a challenge. As a colorist, I find the limitations of the web somewhat limiting. No photos (web or print) can show the billions of colors our eyes can see in good light. I work very hard on correcting the web colors as closely as possible. I get excellent feedback from folks when they do receive their yarn.

As always, I totally guarantee you will love the color when it arrives. For the record, I’ve never had to take a return on anything. Folks usually like the colors more when they get the package… but I still stand behind that promise.

I have had a small run on my yarn in the last 24 hours, which delights me. (I am thinking that the folks buying in the last 24 hours had signed up for “global notification” if I changed/added anything to my cart. I don’t know why else they would have known that things were happening since I had not announced it anywhere.)

debrachinnlavenderwaffle33.jpgThe shopping cart will tell you how many of each colorway are in stock, and it will stop displaying a yarn if I sell out of that color. So no more worries about whether I have run out of something, the shopping cart is our friend.

As always, thank you all for your support. An extra thank you to Debra Chinn of California, who often knits with my Tiptoe yarn and sent this photo. We think these were from my Lilac Flammegarn that I dyed late last year (mostly lilac with tiny spots of white). She used the waffle stitch (sometimes called Blueberry Waffles) for the leg pattern on these. Notice how far she was able to knit with one skein. Debra writes: “I always have yarn left even with size 10 feet!”

Debra, you always do a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing this recently-completed pair with us.