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Archive for February 24th, 2007

Brian Hefferan Solo Performance Tonight!

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

My Brian is playing during dinner hour at Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine in East Lansing, MI tonight (Saturday, February 24). The show is 6:30-8:30. You can get a map to Altu’s on her website.

Brian used to do solo performances often enough that I learned about who he was, listening to him play. I loved those old songs he played, and though I was not looking for a partner I always made sure to get to his concerts whenever I saw them announced in the local papers.

Now that we’re The Fabulous Heftones as a couple, he almost never does solo performances. It’s sort of too bad, because the man is an encyclopedia of songs and I know only the tiniest percentage of the music he can play off the top of his head. I mostly know love songs, though I’m working on expanding to jazzy numbers. He does original instrumentals, dance tunes from the turn of the century, rags and marches, jug band music, old timey music (written for fiddle), bluegrass banjo, and more novelty/humor than can fit in two hours.

I am looking forward to “Java Jive” (a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!… was used for Maxwell House coffee commercials if I remember right). Do consider joining us.

Gratitude List

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

When I get grumpy the best thing I can do is write a list of things I am grateful for… so here it goes:

  • My dishwasher! (Also my clothes washer/dryer.)
  • The February thaw we have had for a few days.
  • My beloved who somehow loves me even when I’m grumpy.
  • Sweet potatoes (see photo).
  • Great friends, some of whom are also the owners of yarn shops where I teach.
  • My “job” which is really a few dozen jobs rolled into one (I never get bored).
  • All of you who have read this blog, purchased any pattern from me, any yarn, any class, any anything… creating income that helps me continue to make a living as an artist/instructor.
  • My car (see photo).
  • My Heftone Bass, a gift from my father in law who invented and built it himself.
  • Two ukuleles I bought for myself… one pistachio green “Flea” and one turquoise “Fluke” (I don’t play them well but I am delighted with them, and never really wanted one before ukes came in colors other than brown). (see photo)
  • My singing career with Brian, another part of making a living as an artist.
  • Foods which I love and which nurture me and make me happy (especially Teff muffins (see photo), baked sweet potatoes and oven-roasted rutabaga fries… really).
  • Yarn, good needles, knitting.
  • My gizmos: laptop, two cameras, cell phone, MP3 player, stereos in car and office and dyeing studio.
  • My fiber tools: spinning wheel, swift, ballwinder, skeinwinder, and its new yardage counter.
  • A house big enough to (almost) hold a one-woman art business, including a basement in which to dye yarn… small for Lansing but it would be luxurious if we lived in NYC and I know it.
  • Color. Lots and lots of color, the brighter the better. This ncludes my clothing, my dishes, anything I can embellish with more color including our house.
  • The sunshine we have seen in this town in the last week.

Grumpy… and Not March Yet

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Thursday I wrote a really long post, published it to the web for a short while, then took it down. I decided not to pass my less than cheery thoughts to you.

I had two difficult days in a row with young people (Wednesday and Thursday). Mind you, in my classroom all was in order.

It was busier and noisier than usual because I had at one point a dozen knitters (8 boys and 4 girls) and two computer kids. They still honored my rules and observed the usual level of politeness (pretty good with a few lessons in boundary-setting thrown in at times).

However, in the building (outside my room, in fact just exactly outside my door) several times I had to deal with difficult situations. They could have impacted the serenity inside my room. I handled it well, in my estimation. My group of knitters grew because of my actions, in an odd turn of events.

Name-calling and teasing are not allowed, you know. There are reasons we have rules of this sort! I had to enforce these things more often (and more forcefully) than usual and it made me sad.

March is a grumpy month. It feels like we all (including myself) got there too soon this year.