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Archive for March 3rd, 2007

Getting it Together, Catching Up

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

eudorawithbasket.jpgThe Power of Rest

I slept and slept, and it was a good thing. Never underestimate the power of sleep! I could still use a few more extra-long nights but I’m grateful for what I got. Aaah.

I’ve spent the morning listening to Joel Mabus‘ Firelake CD. I never get tired of his calming voice, wise lyrics, and melodies (whether sweet and calming or dance-worthy).

I have not spoken to a soul in the almost 5 hours I’ve been up. I can’t tell you how much I need those times. In fact, right now I have the music turned off, and all I can hear is the keyboard clicking, the furnace when it’s blowing, and cars driving by our ever-busieraladdinsmaiamarch07.jpg neighborhood street. Even last night when we were recording after 11pm we had multiple cars going by, and a larger proportion of them than usual needed a new muffler. Come on, spring!

But as I’ve said before, we can choose our mood by choosing our music, and a little music can block most noise from bad mufflers. Joel is the perfect antidote today.

Photo Time

I downloaded the photos from both of our cameras, with shots from Friday night’s dance performances at New Aladdin’s restaurant. I especially like the one showing my back and the full tables, with the beautiful murals of Lebanon on the walls.

Lazy-Day Plans

I’m off to take a long hot bath, followed by a marathon Comfort-Wrap knitting session. Soft yarn is such a wonderful thing, and I intend to indulge in touching it as much as possible today.eudorafacingroommarch07sm.jpg Tomorrow will be another social day (I teach at Threadbear) so I’m building up my quiet time when I can.

The photo of Maia and the photo of the back of me looking toward the restaurant, were taken by Brian. The photo of me balancing the basket on my head was taken by Arlyn/Mahtaab (yes, I really dance while balancing it… and it’s a lot harder to do without wrapping your head with fabric first, which is not cheating). Thanks to both photographers for helping me document the event!

One Thing after Another

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

I had a Friday with no “wiggle room” in it. It was fun but I’m falling asleep here at the keyboard a couple of hours earlier than usual.

Yarn Shop Starts the Day

I started out helping out Rae at her shop for about 4 hours. It is always fun to work there. I like working retail but it can not be my career at this point. Being the final substitute in a short list of folks who can work the cash register, is just about right. I end up helping out a few hours a month and I have a great time. It feeds that interest I have without sidetracking my teaching/designing career.

Publicity Chairperson Duties, After-School Knitting

Rae relieved me at the shop around 3pm, and I next was scheduled to teach an afterschool program for an elementary school. On the way there, I stopped at the offices of City Pulse magazine to drop off menu information about Altu’s restaurant (I do her publicity, menus, the website, and music-related business). The kids’ program took longer than usual because it was the last session I had with them.

Transformation to Eudora the Dancer

And then I ran (almost literally) home and got my costume and makeup, to become Eudora the dancer. I had a show with Maia at Aladdin’s restaurant and we had a wonderful time.

Socializing and Good Food

The first time I got to slow down was after our second dance show. I can not tell you how fast I changed into comfortable clothing… and we ordered a very nice meal and chatted a good long while. I just love talking with her. She has lived in western Africa twice during high school, so we talk Africa and about differences in living and all sorts of fascinating cultural things. At least, fascinating to us!

Not Done Yet: Recording a Bit

After dinner I packed up and came home. It was 10:30pm. Was I done? Heck, no! Brian had me record vocal tracks for a song we have wanted to record for years but have never performed. I’ve known the song since childhood and it was a lot of fun singing it. Sometimes recording is painfully difficult, but this song was good fun and it went more quickly than is typical.

Wrapping it Up

After that? Finally turn on the laptop, check email very briefly (messages going out need to wait for another day), knit three rows on my current project (a Kristi Comfort Wrap) while downloading photos from the Aladdin’s dance performance.

It’s 1:30 and my eyes won’t stay open without a lot of effort. Usually I have to make myself go to bed at 3am whether I feel like it or not!

Usually Friday is my day off. It’s a good thing this time that Saturday’s class was cancelled. I get to sleep in, if I can only do just that! Lately I wake up at 9:30 or 10am even when I go to bed at 3 or 4am. I really hope to practice my sleeping-in skills Saturday! Good night.