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Archive for March 11th, 2007

Mellow Learning/Mini-Gansey

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

ganseyminefinished.jpgI finished my sample mini-Gansey sweater after dinner on Sunday. (The Gansey is a historic fisherman’s sweater documented first in the 1830’s… one distinguishing feature is the initial knit into the bottom near the hem, see my upper-case “L” at bottom right.)

Here you can see the resulting item of my weekend adventure/learning process. It’s just plain adorable. The sweater body measures about 6.5″ lying flat, and about 9″ tall (16.5 x23.5cm). The gauge is about 5st/in worsted-weight wool. It is softer in person than it looks here, because I “sharpened” the photo to show the stitch detail more clearly.

An Artform in Wool

As Beth warned, the collar was designed for learning and therefore it is too small for the neck of a doll or bear. I can either love it for what it is or rip out the collar you see here and knit a larger rolled collar if I choose, at any time. For now it stays, it looks cute empty. I need to go on to other things.

The only thing left now is to work in the 26 yarn ends (yes, I counted, I have a tendency to count things others don’t). I did block it, it’s drying now, ends tucked inside for the moment.

Jump Start into Busy Season

Now begins a crunch time for my business. I have some projects I must do and one in particular requires a lot of stitches to be knit by me and nobody else but me. The other is an administrative task.

bethbrownreinselclass.jpgI’m started on the paperwork but not the knitting. Both will take more focus than I usually have, and so close to a week of grief it may be a challenge to stay on task. However, maybe it will be a comfort to be very clear about two priorities and nearly nothing else. I have some classes to teach, a few rehearsals, a few musical performances in the next month. Other than that I need to be really focused.

Beth is Inspiring
And with that I will delay the focus long enough to say that Beth Brown-Reinsel is such a good teacher, I highly recommend you check out any class she might be teaching in your area. Actually, she is going to be teaching for Threadbear Fiberarts Monday and Tuesday. From Beth’s website it says:

Mar 12-13—Threadbear Fiber Arts, Lansing, MI:
Maine Mittens, Lecture of Estonian Culture and Knitting, Aran Cardigans from the Top Down. Contact: 866-939-2327 or info@threadbearfiberarts.com

If you want to see when Beth will be in your area, you can check out her schedule page.


ganseysinprogress.jpgI took the class photo quietly so that I would not disturb anyone, but that means I am cropping out a lot of folks, one of whom said specifically that she didn’t like to have her photo taken. I did want to show you how colorful the classroom was at Heritage Spinning.

The photo of three sweaters would be mine at top (green Patons Classic Wool), Ana’s in white at left (Shepherd’s Wool), and Keith’s in blue at right (Philosopher’s Wool). This is where we stood about an hour before class officially ended. Ana finished and worked in all her ends by this time, though you can not see the second arm. I had one arm partly knitted. Keith had his collar knit, plus one full arm and most of a second at that point. When I got home I still needed to knit almost a whole arm and all of a collar.