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Archive for March 13th, 2007

From the Porch

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

It took me till almost dark to get on that hammock. I did take a lot of photos (for my web shop) from the porch and I hung up the hammock in the very late afternoon. I sat in the hammock for a few seconds at that point.

After taking today’s mail packages to the Post Office just before 8pm, I got on the porch. That sun was hanging very low at that point but it still gave off some light. We decided what we would eat for dinner but I decided to get out on the porch for a while first, while it still was warm enough for that.

So for the record, I am typing this blog entry from the front porch, in the hammock, on March 13. Thirteen was a lucky number this time. (I realize this is a short spurt and we are going back into snow in just a few days… that makes this warmth even more wonderful.)

Yes, I’m wearing a hat and 2 somewhat light sweaters, two pair of wool socks, and wrapped in my good Ethiopian Gahbi (cotton blanket). But I’m not wearing gloves or even wristwarmers, and it’s March. No coat, no earmuffs (and I am very big on earmuffs until it’s quite warm, dorky or not).

I was colder sitting at my desk inside the house just two nights ago, also wrapped in my Gahbi wearing 2 pair of socks. Life sure can be funny.

This is the life!

Woohoo! Warmth!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

temperature.jpgLook at this thermometer in my kitchen. Can you see why I want to dance and jump up and down? (Um, 73.8F  would be 23.2C for the non-US readers out there.) I am trying to figure out how I can get into my hammock on the porch and still do constructive work for my business, since Tuesday can be the only truly productive deskwork day I have all week, and last week I did not get much done.

Brian rode his bike to work today. I see people all over wearing short sleeves and shorts. Kids are on their bicycles. April and little Isabel and I went on a quick walk around the block, and Isabel showed me her adorable bike with training wheels. She is timid to get on it, but she loves how pretty it is.

I am the first one on the block to open windows and doors on days like this. I can smell neighborhood barbecues lighting up already. I hear kids go by on bicycles, talking by yelling forward or backward as we did when I was that age. A realtor is scrubbing the front door of a house just put up on the market this week. Squirrels are running at full speed across the street, narrowly missing (so far) the traffic which is a little faster than usual because of the general spring rush.

springwagon.jpgThis mom in the photo went by our back door with two toddlers in a wagon. The child wearing the hot pink hat was waving back and forth as if she were the Queen of England. Too cute.

It is still too early for flower photos, but two days ago there was no sign of violets and today their leaves in the yard are maybe an inch or so (2-3 cm) across and very green. Violets are typically the first flower in my yard, and I await their arrival eagerly.

There was a pile of snow in the back yard yesterday, crusty but still hanging in there. It is gone today.

I have perhaps never been this ready for a little warmth. I think I will head for the porch with my laptop as soon as I post this, and I will figure out which work I can do out there at least until the battery goes dry.