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Archive for March 15th, 2007

Benefit Concert Tomorrow/Friday

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

fourchairsflyer25.jpgWe (The Fabulous Heftones, Brian and I) are honored to be in the company of some very fine musicians Friday. We will be performing for the Four Chairs Benefit (for a classroom serving autistic children on the south side of Lansing, which is short four chairs for the students assigned to the room).

Somehow our name got placed first on the poster. Some of the others on this stage are full-time musicians and I’m honored to be on the poster with them at all. It is an incredible lineup, some of the hottest young musicians in Lansing will be there, you’ve heard me mention several of them here.

Do consider joining us. It’s at the Methodist church next to the Capitol building in downtown Lansing, a beautiful old building in good repair, with a great performance area.

Creating a Good Day

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

The sun is trying to make its way through the filmy clouds this morning. I have sunshine through my windows but although there are shadows I wouldn’t call this “sunbeams.” Any light is welcome, in any form.

envelopebyizzy.jpgBrian and I talked more this morning than we usually do, I went to bed early so I got up a little earlier and we had time. Usually I’m still mostly asleep by the time he leaves.

Well, the result of being in a waking-up state while chatting meant that I kept hearing words we said and associating them with song lyrics tucked into my subconscious. Once it was a pre-disco 1970’s song… and then a 1920s song I learned from a Tiny Tim album or two.

Now, most people remember Tiny Tim from seeing him do one or two songs on Laugh In or Johnny Carson in the ’70s. He was a “strong flavor,” for sure, but nobody makes it in show biz by being vanilla. I never met him personally, though now we do the Ukulele circuit where he also performed and if we’d been around two years previous we surely would have found ourselves at festivals with him.

I decided to pull out our “Tiny Tim Live! at the Royal Albert Hall” to revisit the song “Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlght” (having a wonderful time). I am really enjoying this concert.

I would like to go on and express my opinions of Mr. Tim’s work (most of which I genuinely enjoy as pure entertainment) and how so many people have opinions based on not enough information… but I would be distracted from the point of this post. Which is about creating an enjoyable day.

I have a lot of work to do and I’m writing this instead. Dang.

But I leave you with one final happy/good day note: Isabel drew me this picture on the back of an envelope yesterday. Her drawing illustrates a clear understanding of the concept of “ColorJoy” at the age of not-quite-three years old. The envelope contained a thank you note from Isabel’s mommy, April. My friends are very good. This is something to celebrate.

And with that I must leave the computer… next appointment? Lunch with my friend Altu. Then CityKidz Knit, a Toe-Up Sock class at Rae’s, dinner with Brian and a music rehearsal.

Yes, it will be a good day.