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Archive for March 16th, 2007

What a Concert!

Friday, March 16th, 2007

joshdavis.jpgWe had the MOST fun you can have playing a concert on Friday night. The lineup was some of the hottest (mostly young) musicians in Michigan, and us. We are just getting to know this crew and they are great, both as people and rachaeldavis.jpgmusicians. I’m proud to be on the same stage, and in the same circle, as they are.

Here are some photos. 1) Josh Davis solo (he is also in Steppin’ in It and Shout Sister Shout). 2) Rachael Davis with just her voice and her hands as instruments, a wonderful combination… and no, Josh and Rachael are not related although they both are in Shout Sister Shout.

3) An artful but slightly blurry photo of Brian and I on stage, showing the incredible woodwork and heftonefourchairsbenefit.jpgwindows in the church where we were playing. Photo taken by Rachael Davis, thanks a bunch.

4) The Finale, where most of the musicians who had played that night got up and played together. (Photo by Katie, thanks.)

Drew Howard usually doesn’t sing much even at jam sessions, he often prefers to back up others on stage. However, he has this great song “Love-a-rama” or Love-o-rama” and it’s great and easy for folks to just join in and play easily if they don’t know it well. So I suggested we have Drew do that song for our last number and we could all play. I’m glad I made that fourchairsbenefitfinale.jpgsuggestion, it was a great time and an energetic way to end the concert.

They raised $1,200 for the classroom, a wonderful thing. And the musicians had fun, the audience was great. Everyone came out ahead on the deal. I loved every minute.