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Archive for March 17th, 2007

A Return to Happiness

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

At least Saturday night, right now, I am feeling very happy. After a week or two of sadness I am delighted with this development. I know all emotions are appropriate at times, and a normal day will have many emotions in it, but this happiness is hanging with me and it’s wonderful.

After the Friday night concert we crashed relatively early for us. Saturday I helped Rae out and watched her store so she could go to a class at LCC.

I’m a teacher first and foremost, and I rarely work the shop alone (only when five others ahead of me on the list can not do it), but I did fairly well. I only had to tell a few people to come back/call again because they needed Rae. We were busy and that means I was not bored at all. It’s all good.

I went home for less than an hour to change into “Lynn Heftone” stage garb for our performance at Altu’s restaurant. I love singing there! We had a different crowd than is typical, but some new fans (can I really use that word? I think it’s accurate) came and that was delightful.

We have a few children who really enjoy our music and one of them was at the restaurant when we started playing. They totally get the joy we feel when we play it. How fun it is to sing for a child.

Playing music on stage with my beloved is the most fun I can think of right now. Of course, there are many fun possibilities but this really made my weekend special. I am appreciative.

Next Saturday we perform in Kalamazoo, and Brian also does a basic ukulele workshop. I’ll post about that again in detail soon.

Now I am totally exhausted and that is just fine with me. Sunday I teach my Watercolor Bag (see photos) at Threadbear, which will be great fun. And then I will be able to have a quieter evening on Sunday than I have had in a while.

We did not get photos at Altu’s tonight (I did have my camera out but the friends I might typically ask to take photos were gone… no doubt because it was St. Patrick’s day which means there were a lot of performances to choose from tonight.)