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Archive for April 4th, 2007

Snapping out of it.

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

LT suggests I snap myself out of the funk I can let myself get into, with the cold weather. It’s a very good point.

I must admit that I am clear that in Lansing, we get snow every April. If we are lucky, we will get it early in the month and be done with it. So that’s my outlook today. This is the last snow of April, I hope. And next Thursday I fly to Dallas to teach there (Woohoo) and it will definitely be warmer than this week in Lansing. I will be indoors for three days, teaching. However, I don’t fly home until 6pm on Monday so if I’m lucky I can see a little bit of Dallas before I go home.

Another suggestion from LT is to post a photo or two of Africa from my trip two years ago. This is an excellent suggestion. We were there for 38 days and we actually saw rain twice, and got wet from rain merely one day on that whole trip. They do have a rainy season but we missed it.

For the record, we spent most of the trip in higher elevations and it was chilly much of the time, especially when the sun went down. Our three-day weekend at Mombasa beach in Kenya was the only time it felt hot… and it surely was over 100F those few days, at sea level on the equator.

The top photo today is in Bahar Dar, northern Ethiopia, where we went to see the waterfall of the Blue Nile. The second photo was a motel/ resort/ restaurant at a crater lake in the ridge valley of Ethiopia.

Thanks, LT!

A Quiet Day

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

I spent Tuesday as a selfish, quiet day. I mostly stayed to myself other than about an hour I spent with my friend April. She is moving (sob) but came by the old house and had time for a cup of tea and a long walk. Since the weather was very nice, 70F (21C) and sunny, I spent more time outside than usual.

I decided that I could at least read Stephanie’s book if I could not go to her talk. I got in the hammock (with a blanket because hammocks are chilly under 80F) and read half of her book. I’m not great at sitting still that long but I had a day where I could say there was nothing more important than reading on the porch.

I did a little knitting on my many-colored project, and I did a little work on the last bit of my taxes. And when Brian came home, he took me to dinner for sushi. It turned out to be a pretty good day.

I’m glad I spent that time outside Tuesday, because here is the weather report for Lansing starting Wednesday/today: