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Archive for April 11th, 2007

Just Plain Happy

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

i think it is important to really notice our good thoughts and feelings when we have them. The nature of being human is that we typically have many emotions during any particular day. If we are fortunate, the good and neutral overshadow the down feelings… although sometimes the balance is less than optimal.

Today was sort of a perfect day. After the snow we had just over a week ago, it was glorious. The sun shone, and it felt warm when the wind stayed calm. On days like this, Lansing is at least as pleasant as any other city and I’m glad to be here.

Altu and I had our weekly sushi lunch date and afterward we went to a coffeehouse to chat until I had to go to work. We sat outside for maybe 5 minutes to say we did, but the wind got the best of us and we took cover inside.

On the way from the coffeehouse to Foster Center, I rolled down my windows (thanks to the heat the car had absorbed sitting in the sun while parked) and played the radio more loudly than I usually do. I was in a business district, not a neighborhood, and I tried not to worry too much that my not-that-loud but louder-than-usual music might bother others. (In a neighborhood I would have rolled up the windows or turned down the volume.) I totally drank in the music and the sun and the springtime.

The National Weather Service says it only got up to 60F today (15.5C). It felt better than that with the sun. I was a very happy woman!

The happiness followed me home, long after dark. May a little of it rub off on you folks!

A related thought:

If you wish to think about focusing on specific thoughts/feelings (such as happiness) and allowing yourself to do things outside the norm which might make you stand out (such as playing music with open windows in my case), I would love to invite you to read Deborah Robson’s blog, The Independent Stitch today. Deborah Robson is the publisher and co-author with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts of the excellent book, Knitting in the Old Way.

She interviews the author Eric Maisel about his new book Ten Zen Seconds. (I have grown much from working with his book Fearless Creating.) He says in that interview:

The more you care about how others view you, what others are thinking about you, how seemly you are looking, and so on, the less permission you will have to do anything “unusual” in public, whether that unusual thing is stopping to write a paragraph, do a little tai chi under a tree, or spend ten seconds centering.

Perhaps that quote will entice you to go and read more???

One Reason to Visit Dallas in April

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

snowapril11.jpgIt snowed and snowed and snowed. Despite above-freezing temperatures, we got accumulation, my car had maybe 2-1/2″ (6cm) of snow on it when I went out at 3pm.

It is expected to be lovely in Dallas, around room temperature during the day though we will probably get rain Friday. My internet friend who lives there says it’s beautiful right now, the bluebells and azaleas are abundant right now. I love how that sounds.

It’s warm enough here to turn off the furnace and open the front door a while to air out the dusty house. I love how quiet snow can make a city neighborhood. Even dusk is pleasant (I usually dread the loss of sunlight) when it’s so peaceful.

I did all my “out of the house” errands and am now on the “pack clothing, Pack class support materials, pack food, pack gizmos” part of the routine. Right now I feel that the schedule looks do-able. We’ll see how I feel in 5 hours when I need to sleep.

Panic Time Yet?

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

I’ve been planning and planning and getting ready for my trip to Dallas, to teach at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Fiber Festival. And now I have approximately one full day and then I wake up and go to the airport.

I always have to find something to worry about, worry seems to be built into my genes. If I’m more worried about what to wear than my classes, I figure I’m doing pretty well.

So much to say, my friends… Ive started several posts and never finished them and may never finish them. You may hear from me sparsely until I’m done teaching.

Is anyone who hasn’t said hi yet, going to see me in Dallas?