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Archive for April 12th, 2007

Hello, Texas!

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

dallasday1.jpgWow. I’m in Texas. I didn’t believe it could feel this warm. I got off the flight wearing my turtleneck, light wool sweater, hat, thick Kristi Comfort Wrap, legwarmers… normal Lynn wear much of the year in Lansing. That’s not a cold day getup, it’s sort of a lightweight sort of fall season getup. After all, I was carrying my coat over my arm, and had tucked away gloves and earmuffs for my return voyage.

I had to un-layer fast. I got the under-turtle off, and shed legwarmers and shawl. I still had wool socks on and a loose thin sweater but I rolled up my sleeves and it was great. The temperature? 74F. Aaaaaah…..

Off to prepare for tomorrow. I’m scheduled for a very full day on Friday so I’m not sure if I’ll check in here or not. I won’t forget you.

Photo: This was the view from the hotel room at dusk. City-like, indeed. I love cities and now I’ve collected one more!!!