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Archive for May 1st, 2007

More Ukefest Links

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Article in “Time Out New York” which came out April 26:

Plucked from obscurity

Ukefest movie from Robert Hultman (Sweden) with Fabulous Heftones, Alli Bee and Rufus from the UK, etc. singing in lobby of theatre (unscheduled music between dinner break and evening concert):

Shine On Harvest Moon

NY Ukefest, on other sites

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

One of the Swedish attendees took a great photo of us with one of our British friends, just outside the entry to the Theatre for the New City:


Craig Robertson posted a blog about the show we were in, on Ukulelia (this one really pleases me… thanks for that peek, Craig):


Lucky me, Greg at Comp USA figured out a fix for my computer problem. It cost about 10% of what I probably would have spent if I had to buy a new laptop… never mind the hassles and delays of getting used to the layout of a new machine. I’m very happy to have my own old machine back!

Now I have hundreds of photos to download and process, and much to write about our New York musical experience. It was absolutely incredible, intense but comfortable at the same time. Great folks, uke fans are!

Home, Sweet Home

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

We got home at 2am, it was a good trip. We got almost enough sleep last night and there is much to pull together today.

My car is fixed, cha ching goes the cash register. It could have cost much more so I am trying to stay in the attitude of gratitude for that. It’s very good to have the funds needed to fix it.

My computer is also broken, it gave up the ghost two nights ago which is why you did not hear from me recently. I guess I need to buy a new laptop (mine is 4.5 years old), more cha ching there.

I am not excited to spend my first day home shopping online for a laptop. I’m glad Brian has a machine I can use while he is at work. I’m glad again that I have some resources to buy one if need be.

New York makes me happy. We met so many friends and we had so much fun, so much good music, good food, good company!

I took hundreds of photos, almost 400 on one camera and we had 3 cameras with us. Once I figure out how to edit photos on Brian’s computer I’ll give you some of those and a true travelogue. For now, know we’re happy and safe. I’m off to go pick up my car now… more later.