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Archive for May 6th, 2007

NYUkefest: Friday Night Concert Photos

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

nycmomandlynnatukefest2007byfredb.jpgMom’s beau of many years, Fred, has shared with us his first-row photographs of Friday night’s concert at the NYUkefest. I have loaded most of them on my Flickr account (this is OK with him, not to worry) as the NY Ukefest 2007 photoset and you can view them either individually or as a slideshow.

If you have not used Flickr much before, there are text details on each photo which you can see if you view them separately… however, if you are viewing as a slideshow you can click on any photo during the slideshow and it will stop and bring up the text for you.

Photo: Mom/Liz and Me/Lynn after the NYUkefest Friday Night Show, in lobby of theatre. I’m wearing a rhinestone necklace that my late father gave to my mother in the early/mid-1950’s.