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Archive for May 8th, 2007

Late-Breaking News!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

We interrupt the account of the New York Ukefest to bring you incredible news! It is 84F (29C) in Lansing, my favorite temperature of all. I always get a little emotional when it gets warm enough that I don’t have to wear layers to protect myself from the environment. I get cold easily (and one rainy day on the back of a motorcycle I got so cold I felt I would never warm up again) so it takes all of 84F degrees to make me feel “safe.” I can get too warm but it takes direct sun or physical exertion to get me there.

Tuesdays are my favorite day. I have Tuesdays mostly “off” work. Sometimes I have an hour of teaching kids to knit, sometimes I go to knitting guild for a few hours. But the daytime is mine, at least until 3pm. I get at least 4 hours alone at home, usually without music or any talking at all. I do end up working on my “day off” but I work at my own pace and without interruptions or deadlines.

Today I am working on the hammock, on my porch. I had a nice salad for lunch, fresh crunchy kohlrabi with tuna, olive oil and dill, when I first got out here. I’m now sipping tea and writing to you. After I post this entry I will be scheduling my classes for the next few months.

It is not as quiet on the porch as it can be inside. The house across the street is having a roof replaced and I can hear construction equipment several blocks away with the “beep beep beep” of big equipment backing up. A main street six blocks from us (Mt. Hope Ave.) is under construction and the detour takes people 1 block from this house. That means some of the detoured folks decide to wander past our house instead of following the signs.

But I also hear birds and scolding squirrels. Soon I will hear the children come home from the school on our street. And I can work online right here in the hammock, thanks to the miracle of a laptop with battery and a wireless internet connection.

Because our porch is several steps up from ground level, and has a 3-foot (~one meter) high wall instead of a railing, I can be on the porch and not be seen by passers-by. It also blocks a little of the traffic noise. I am playing streaming music from the Earthwork Music website to further distract me from the bustle on the street. The Earthwork musicians are friends, so it’s comforting to work while they sing to me.

And as for me, I really prefer the city life where I can get what I need quickly and I can get anywhere I want to go relatively easily. I love walking to the store or Fleetwood Diner, or riding my bike to work, things my rural-living friends can not do.

I love summer weather in Michigan. This is the life!