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Archive for May 18th, 2007

New York: Open Mic Friends

Friday, May 18th, 2007

nycalec.jpgThere was so much going on during the weekend of the ukefest, that I couldn’t make everything. I did make a tiny bit of the Saturday night open mic to see our friend Al (Brian has known Al longer than he’s known me) and did get a bunch of photos of his performance.

Sunday I got to see a lot of the open mic. I’m partial to these events, because we were “discovered” in 2003 at the Midwest Ukefest/Indianapolis at an open mic. We played Friday, they asked us to do the open mic the next day, and by Saturday night we were asked to play 3 songs on their main stage. Very important, then, for us to support the folks not yet discovered.

I took a gazillionycwendyandfriend12.jpgn photos of open mic. I am just too tuckered out to develop any more, I need to go forward with being in Michigan at this point. However, the three photos here are of our friend Al from Canada, Wendy (and friend whose name I do not remember), who we met originally at a ukefest in the Pocanos several years back, and our dear friends Jim and Pat who we also met at the Pocanos.

For the record, Jim and Pat were gracious to us on our way out of town Monday, by inviting us to breakfast at their home. They live in Jersey City which we’d never seen. It reminded me of a cross between northern Ann Arbor and Winthrup Massachusetts (just north of Boston). I liked it a great deal.

nycjimandpat.jpgThey had a cat who liked me and who I enjoyed (Brian is allergic so I see cats rarely). They made good strong tea and oatmeal for breakfast for the four of us, and we sat first in their backyard garden until we got sunburned, and then in their beautiful, funky, well-festooned and hand-embellished home. (They both do work for theatre and the rooms are hand-stenciled and painted in wonderful, artful ways). Their forced air heat comes through false fireplaces, really cozy and quaint. There’s nothing like this in Lansing, and I was enthralled by it all.

But the part about Jim and Pat’s house and their hospitality is a tiny bit out of order here, at least as far as a timeline might go. I just felt I’d tell that story while you had a photo of them at Open Mic, and that way I can make the story more compact for you folks.

The Sunday concert recap is next…