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Archive for May 20th, 2007

A Jump Start

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

habibieasternidversity.jpgEach spring the green energizes my eyes/artful self and slows down my system due to allergies. I’ve spent the last week or so sleeping much more than is typical for me. Fortunately, life comes in waves and after a lot of sleeping and naps, I eventually come out of it with renewed energy. Today was my breakthrough day and I really enjoyed it.

Saturday the Habibi Dancers (including me as Eudora) performed at a Cultural Diversity event at Eastern High School (walking distance from both the state Capitol building and Foster Community Center where we rehearse). I was delighted to be able to dance with the troupe. It seems that so many of our performances happen on weekends and nights, and with short enough notice that I am already scheduled to teach or sing.


I go to rehearsals religiously but the last three times I’ve performed were the March Aladdin’s restaurant event and two daytime performances, one at a school and one at a hospital (more cultural diversity awareness programming). And I hate to tell you how many months ago those were. It was refreshing and wonderful to get out there on a stage and make people smile. We have such a fun time, that the audience goes along with us for the ride. Very worthwhile!


After the dance/diversity event I ran over to the East Lansing Art Fair, the first outdoor fair of my year. Altu had a food booth but she had many friends and family members working so she was OK without my help (I may help out Sunday if she needs me).

easterndiversitypleasantgroveschool.jpgI got there for only the last half hour or so. I crammed a lot into that final time. I visited Susan Luks at her booth on M.A.C. Avenue and listened to our friends “Steppin’ in It” and Rachael Davis sing together in a project called Shout Sister Shout, mostly songs from the 30’s and 40’s. I loved it.


Of course, I also ate at Altu’s food booth and I did help them wrap up the night, clean and close up the booth for the night. That made me feel useful.

On the way home I sort of moseyed to enjoy the feel of being in a downtown, small as it might be. I wandered into the relatively-new corner shop called Mad Eagle where I chatted first with Laura Bates and then the three owners of the shop. It’s an energetic, funky, high-quality jewelry/gift/clothing shop and I really enjoyed being there. Lots of color tickled my eyes fully.

easterndiversitymexican.jpgThen I got home and instead of my recent exhaustion, I ended up with a bit of a second wind. I did laundry, dishes, tossed old clothing, wound yarn that has been waiting too long for winding, and generally did some catching up that just seemed too overwhelming even yesterday. I don’t know what happened but I’m relieved to find my energy shifting.

easterndiversityafrican.jpgAnd with that I’ll get back to some tossing out and cleaning. It’s almost 2am and Brian’s not back from the jam session after the dance he played tonight. I know the party was really wonderful but my voice is really worn out and I needed to have a silent evening. A party would just have made things worse. I’m still recovering from Dallas and New York, both trips were hard on my voice.

But you know… it was about as perfect a day as it could have been. The sun shone (after a very brief unexpected rain this morning), it was warm but not hot, and there was nothing but good stuff to do, good folks to spend time with, good food to eat.

It is going to be a good summer.


Photos: Three photos of Habibi Dancers, I’m far right with purple and a head wrap (I’m not sure why our photos taken on the same camera turned out so dark when the rest turned out bright); Pleasant View Performing Arts Magnet School advanced dance program, Lansing Schools Asian Club performing a Hmong dance; one of three Mexican Dance troupes (I think these were actually from Flint), young African Dancers from Lansing (all these photos from Eastern Cultural Diversity Days); Shout Sister Shout (Steppin’ in It plus Rachael Davis) on stage at East Lansing Art Festival.