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Archive for May 24th, 2007

Summer Happiness

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

It has been hot… too hot even for me. Thank goodness that Reach Studio Art Center is air conditioned, we had a reprieve there. Mom came, a few students from my computer class in Haslett came, and a bunch of folks we know were there but that may not have had to do with us, they may already be associated with the Center. In Lansing, creative people all seem to know one another and that is very good.

poppy.jpgI took this photo yesterday, of Poppies in the yard across the street where April used to live (sigh). I swear she didn’t have Poppies last year but birds distribute seeds and it was right next to a fence where birds might perch. I love Poppies, though I’m afraid to try and grow them with our crummy soil. They like sand, and we don’t have anything even remotely like sand.

I’m doing “blog lite” today, one photo I developed earlier. Other photos must wait. Rae and I leave in 9.5 hours for Toronto. Woohoo! Toronto was my first city ever and is very dear to my heart, though I haven’t been in a while. When I was young and single the first time, I used to go there several long weekends a year. This time I’m going on a US log weekend but it’s not a long weekend for them. Perfect.

I’ve packed a few things, need to pack a few more. After going to Dallas for 5 days on an airplane, one overnight in a car is positively simple to manage. I never know what I want to wear, and I don’t know what knitting to take. In the last 5 days I’ve knit only the toe of one sock, period. It has been so hectic in my life (not complaining but explaining) since I went to Dallas and New York that there has been little time to do much bot the very basics… get to work, eat, do laundry and dishes, follow my routine. I will enjoy knitting and hanging out with other knitters this weekend.

Off to adventure!

Busy, Busy

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

I’d like to annouce a few almost-here events:

heftonesafricanclothing.jpg1. This afternoon, Thursday May 24, Brian and I (The Fabulous Heftones) are playing a little casual background music for Reach Art Center in Lansing. It’s a kids’ art center in a city neighborhood, some programs are grant-funded for free so kids can come on down after school and some are sign-up-and-pay classes (Foster Center has both types of programs as well).

Today is a little “art show opening” for the kids where their work is up on the walls and for sale. It’s also an ice cream social and open to the public. It’s 4pm-6pm so those who work downtown Lansing could come on their way home. It’s at 1804 S. Washington just north of Mount Hope on the west side of the road. You may need to park on the street or in the neighborhood behind the center.

2. Rae/Extravayarnza and I are definitely going to Toronto tomorrow and Saturday for the Yarn Harlot book launch and knitter’s extravaganza. Is anyone who reads this blog going to be there?

Stephanie and I have corresponded via email off and on for years (less now that she has earned a gazillion fans), and she has been very encouraging of this trip. There will be a book signing, an afterglow and on Saturday a yarn crawl.

I am most excited that I can actually go this time. Four previous attempts to make book signings for this book have come up unfruitful. (Is that a word?) I will REPRESENT the knitters of the world, in Canada tomorrow. Woo-hoo!

3. Next Tuesday evening starts a two-week class at Little Red Schoolhouse Yarns, my Sassy Summer Handbag. Details: Tuesdays May 29 and June 5, 6-8pm, $25.

This bag is a lovely shape, can be made sporty with stripes or more classic in a solid… you can make knit handles or sew on purchased ones, it takes very little yarn and knits in a flash. It’s great for a summer jaunt where you only wish to take along a wallet, cellphone and socks in progress. Anyone want to join me?

4. I’m going to TNNA (yarn business trade show) next weekend in Columbus, OH. It looks like I’m driving down with Rae from Rae’s Yarn Boutique and coming back home with Lindsay, the new owner of the Yarn Garden in Charlotte. At least that’s what I think will happen at this point, and it sounds really fun to me.

Again, is there anyone out there reading this who wants to connect in Columbus? I’d love to meet you.