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Archive for May 27th, 2007

Toronto was Wonderful

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

torontostephanieraeandlynnh.jpgI got home at 3:15am last night from Toronto, after dropping Rae off at her home.

We had SUCH a good time there. I tell you, I adore Stephanie… she and Rachel H made sure we all had a Friday night and all-day Saturday experience that was friendly and entertaining, real, human, enthusiastic, and more. We found ourselves at one bookstore, one pub, five yarn shops, a couple of coffee shops (one which is also a yarn shop, listed above) and the choice of many great restaurants, during our two-day knitters’ extravaganza.

Now that I’m home, it’s a 3-day weekend in the USA and I was gone for one night and one day of it. I thought I’d laze on the couch today and process the 123 photos I took of the trip, and write blogs until I was as relaxed as a noodle. Brian has already experienced a bit of the holiday. At breakfast he inquired as to my plans, since it’s too wet to do yardwork (yippee).

I guess he figured I might get home and get on some house stuff that truthfully has waited for months as I’ve been traipsing around the continent. He’s so sane that if something needs doing, he just does it. I’m content to ignore as long as I can, especially when it’s something inconvenient or anything to do with housework or manual labor. I hate to admit it but he’s probably waited long enough for me to get going on a few things here. As in: months? Probably months.

torontoeatoncentre.jpgFor that reason, I have processed merely two of the 123 photos I took (not all are good enough to share, thank goodness). You will get a better blog after I clean the kitchen and office enough to finally put in the rug I bought on Easter weekend.

Since those areas do dual-duty as home and business areas (and the yarn I dye for resale plus patterns I sell are stored in clear plastic bins, usually in this part of the house), I have a lot lot lot of “shoveling” to do in order to clear the floor for a rug. In fact, the office will require moving at least three large pieces of furniture that are all piled high with papers, books, data CD’s and more…

it’s good I’ve got a career that does not require me to be organized with *things.* I can organize information on the computer and do that whenever possible, but paper and knitting stuff have taken over every possible nook/cranny in the house. There is yarn on almost every flat surface in the house.

Sigh… it is time to work, when all I want in the world is to be on that couch and even take a nap whenever I’m so inclined. It is a holiday weekend, after all… after last weekend that was jam-packed with out-of home activities I work late on deskwork and knitting often, but it is true I can ignore housekeeping/ organizing for almost forever without a push. Apparently today is the day.

Photos: Me, Stephanie (Yarn Harlot) and Rae in Toronto; Eaton Centre from the underground level/food court, looking up. This was one of my favorite places in the world when I was in High School… it was so grand and clean and artful and metropolitan. So unlike my home town. At least now I’m not in a suburb, I’m in the city, but Lansing will never have anything with the flavor of this architecture even at a fraction of the size… it’s just not in our culture to make something like this.