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Archive for May 31st, 2007

Cushy Blankie Kit on Sale

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

blankiepak33.jpgI joined the Etsy crowd. (For those outside the creative online community, http://etsy.com is a website where people who create original works can sell their products.)

In general, I love my own website and don’t have to pay commissions to sell from my own place. However, there are Etsy fans who have never heard of me and might find me only by shopping there. I was encouraged to sign up by Rae (http://extravayarnza.etsy.com) and so I just gave it a shot.

To celebrate and hopefully entice new buyers who I’ve not met before, I put up one kit/sale item on Etsy. Then I realized it would not be fair to you who follow me faithfully, to not tell you about the sale.

It’s a limited-interest item, as it’s a baby blanket kit in pinks and purples. However, normally the Cushy Colorsport (washable/dryable merino) is $39.99 per half-pound skein, and the pattern calls for two skeins. The pattern is $6. That makes it $85.98 for two skeins and a pattern. I’ve put it up on my Etsy shop at http://colorjoy.etsy.com for an even $75 which is a $10.98 discount. If you are in Lansing and I can deliver it in person, I’ll refund you the shipping charge it will automatically tack on, as well.

Or not. Your choice. It just seemed right to let you know. (And for those who have a different color in mind, write me about a similar discount on the Cushy ColorSport colors still available on my regular Colorjoy shop. (For example, if you have a boy on the way I have a cheerful Tweety Sweetie yellow in stock.)

Wow! Women’s Faces in Art

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

This YouTube Video called “Women in Art” is a masterpiece of art in its own right. It is a series of dozens of images from art history, all women’s faces, morphed (is that the right word?) from one image to the other, flawlessly and with a solo cello as the only background sound.

Do take the 2 minutes and 52 seconds it takes to watch. Allow yourself to be inspired, intrigued, amazed. Wow.

Color is Everywhere

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

dishesprettycolors.jpgI made huge progress in the house-tidying. The trash guys were never more welcome as this week at my house. Things look much better and I think my shoulders feel lightened from letting go.

Lately I’ve even cleaned out my coat closet and my “tea cupboard.” I tossed old Chinese teas I don’t like as well as the Japanese and English/Ceylon types I drink every day. Just letting go and sticking with everyday things is cheering.

In the midst of cleaning I see beautiful color. It’s the small things that make life grand. If we wait for big things, they will let us down. Little beauty is everywhere, every day. Like this photo of my dishes in the dishwasher. A peek at these colors together really can make me smile on the most mundane of days. I particularly love my turquoise mixing bowl, and it’s so beautiful overlapping the egg-yolk yellow salad plates, don’t you think?